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Page 81

Posted on
April 26, 2017

Chapter: Chapter 2

Characters: Belfry, Nora, Parker

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Author's Notes:

I'm sorry except I'm not sorry at all that this Chapter 2 is sorta full of Feels. But man, you have to have a place to work up from!

Hey guys, did you see Henry and Nora's cameo in Anaria??? OH MY GOSH. Check it out:

Tamberlane is going to be on hiatus October 5-31! In addition to Caytlin needing to take some time off to focus on her health, we’re currently heads-down finalizing the new Chapter 4 books and Kickstarter rewards. We are also gearing up to publish the new-and-improved page edits for the comic that will make older chapters align with the established canon of the story and improve your reading experience. We'll have a party when the pages go live, so keep an eye out for that in the future!

Thank you so much for your patience, and we look forward to returning in November!

Project Manager Caytlin


BELFRY: ...I'm not cut out for this.
NORA: Belfry...

BELFRY: You can see it, I can see it... Everyone can see it!

BELFRY: I can't take care of another creature! I can barely take care of myself!
NORA: Belfry, calm down!

BELFRY: Yesterday, I forgot to wear oven mitts!!


BELFRY: ...我不適合做這個。
NORA: Belfry...

BELFRY: 妳看得出來,我也看得出來… 每個人 都看得出來!

BELFRY: 我無法照顧另一個生物!我連自己都照顧不好!
NORA: Belfry,冷靜!

BELFRY: 昨天,我還忘記戴隔熱手套了!!

BELFRY: 誰會忘記隔熱手套?!

BELFRY: ...Ich bin einfach nicht dafür geschaffen.
NORA: Belfry...

BELFRY: Du siehst es, ich sehe es... Jeder sieht es!

BELFRY: Ich kann mich um kein anderes Wesen kümmern! Ich kann mich ja nicht mal um mich selbst kümmern!
NORA: Belfry, komm runter!

BELFRY: Gestern hab ich vergessen, Ofenhandschuhe anzuziehen!!


BELFRY: ...Ja nie jestem do tego stworzona.
NORA: Belfry...

BELFRY: Ty to wiesz, ja to wiem... Każdy to wie!

BELFRY: Ja nie mogę zajmować się inną kreaturą! Ja ledwo zajmuję się sobą!
NORA: Belfry, uspokój się!

BELFRY: Wczoraj zapomniałam założyć rękawic do pieczenia!!


BELFRY: ...Eu não sirvo pra isso.
NORA: Belfry...

BELFRY: Você pode ver, eu posso ver... Todo mundo pode ver!

BELFRY: Eu não consigo tomar cuidado de outra criatura! Eu mal consigo tomar cuidado com mim mesma!
NORA: Belfry, calma!

BELFRY: Ontem, eu esqueci de usar luvas térmicas!!



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