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Page 236

Posted on
October 28, 2020

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Belfry, Jason, Callie

Tags: Cameo

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Author's Notes:

Jason, the oldest, crookediest old salt from the sea. And Piper, the eternal shitchild.

You know what goes next: thank you Zaukodar for lending me Callie, a Patron cameo! And, honestly, thank you to my husband for letting me use his character Jason as well. :3

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JASON: Listen to Belfry. She'd know better than some old saltfur how the Treehollow Council functions.
BELFRY: Jason, you're 30.
JASON: My point stands.

JASON: I just mean for you to be cautious.

JASON: In the other places I've sailed, that place is nothing to trifle with.
JASON: And in my experience?

JASON: Councils and authorities always lean heavy-handed on the subject.

JASON: Ah, but don't let me frighten you. I'm sure it will turn out alright--


JASON: Escuta a Belfry. Ela saberia melhor que algum lobo do mar sobre o Conselho de Treehollow.
BELFRY: Jason, você tem 30 anos.
JASON: Meu ponto continua válido.

JASON: Eu só quero fizer pra você tomar cuidado.

JASON: Nos outros lugares que eu naveguei para, aquele lugar não é uma coisa pra se brincar.
JASON: E na minha experiência?

JASON: Conselhos e autoridades sempre se inclinam a serem pesados no assunto.

JASON: Ah, mas não deixe eu te assustar. Eu tenho certeza que vai ficar tudo bem--



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