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Page 359

Posted on
September 27, 2023

Chapter: Chapter 5

Characters: Coriander, Cur, Marie, Parsley

Tags: Cameo

Inked by: IzzySqueakzy

Flatted by: Elle Pierre

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Author's Notes:

A new scene! Something a little less, uh, painful. Sorta.

Join Caytlin and Ari as they celebrate the public launch of the official re-edit of the first four chapters of Tamberlane! And also CAYTLIN'S BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAYTLIN

We are SUPER excited to announce the public release of an EXTENSIVE edit of the first four chapters of Tamberlane! During our production of the Omnibus collection for the recently completed Kickstarter, we spent hours pouring over every page of the first Arc (Chapters 1-4), tweaking dialogue and art when needed, both for story consistency and to ensure the best telling of this story! Over the years, the Tamberlane Saga has evolved significantly and it was super gratifying to be able to go back and make adjustments.

To celebrate this big relaunch (which happens to be around Caytlin's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAYTLIN!!), we'll be hosting a launch party on Caytlin's Twitch on Friday, December 15 at 9AM PST! We hope to see you there! You can access the twitch here, or through the Twitch button in the navigation bar!


CORIANDER: Ellis, we are NOT leaving this room until we talk about this!
[SFX: tnk]
CUR: It's CUR!
[SFX: tak]

CORIANDER: I will not call you that awful name! You are not a stray; you're my son!
CUR: I en't your son! Just kick me out and be done with it!
[SFX: tnk]
CORIANDER: Oh, Ellis, please calm down!

CORIANDER: Please, sit down, and tell me what happened.
[SFX: tnk]
CUR: There en't anything to say, Coriander.
CUR: I pushed her into the river! Banish me! Report me to the bloody Council! What do I care?
MARIE: Oops!

CORIANDER: I won't be doing anything of the sort. Come here, darling.
CUR: What, so you can hug me an' make it all better?? HORSESHIT!
MARIE: Sorry! Sorry! I didn't crack your window, did I?

CUR: WHO CARES?! I'll swear all I want! Shit! Fuck! Bloody bollocks!
CORIANDER: Ellis! Ellis, please! Ellis!
PARSLEY: Nah, looks fine to me.
MARIE: Oh, brilliant! That last rock was bigger than I thought.

CORIANDER : Ellis, nous ne quitterons PAS cette pièce tant que nous n'en aurons pas discuté !
Effets sonores : tnk
CUR : C'est CUR !
Effets sonores : tak

CORIANDER : Je ne t'appellerai pas par ce nom affreux ! Tu n'es pas un errant ; tu es mon fils !
CUR : J'suis pas ton fils ! Fiche-moi dehors et finissons-en !
Effets sonores : tnk
CORIANDER : Oh, Ellis, s'il te plaît, calme-toi !

CORIANDER : S'il te plaît, assieds-toi et dis-moi ce qui s'est passé.
Effets sonores : tnk
CUR : y'a rien à dire, Coriander.
CUR : Je l'ai poussée dans la rivière ! Bannis-moi ! Signale-moi au foutu Conseil ! Qu'est-ce que ça m'importe ?
Effets sonores : TONK
MARIE : Oups !

CORIANDER : Je ne ferai rien de tel. Viens là, chéri.
CUR : Quoi, pour que tu puisses me serrer dans tes bras et tout arranger ?? CONNERIE !
MARIE : Désolée ! Désolée! Je n'ai pas cassé ta fenêtre, n'est-ce pas ?

CUR : RIEN À FICHE ?! Je jurerai tout ce que je veux ! Merde! Putain ! Putain de conneries !
CORIANDER : Ellis ! Ellis, s'il te plaît ! Ellis!
PARSLEY : Non, ça me semble bien.
MARIE : Oh, génial ! Ce dernier caillou était plus gros que je ne le pensais.

CORIANDER: Ellis, nos NÃO vamos sair dessa sala até falarmos sobre isso!
SFX: tnk
SFX: tak

CORIANDER: Eu não vou te chamar esse nome horrível! Você não é um filhote de rua; você é meu filho!
RAFEIRO: Eu num sou seu filho! Me bota na rua e acaba com isso!
SFX: tnk
CORIANDER: Oh, Ellis, calma.

CORIANDER: Por favor, senta, e me diz o que aconteceu.
SFX: tnk
RAFEIRO: Tem nada pra dizer, Coriander.
RAFEIRO: Eu empurrei ela pra dentro do rio! Me bane! Me denuncia pra droga do Conselho! O que tem pra eu me importar?

CORIANDER: Eu não vou fazer nada do gênero. Vem aqui, querido.
RAFEIRO: O quê, pra você me abraçar e deixar tudo melhor? POUCA BOSTA!
MARIE: Desculpa! Desculpa! Eu não rachei sua janela, né?

RAFEIRO: QUEM SE IMPORTA?! Eu vou xingar quanto eu quiser! Merda! Porra! Pau no cu!
CORIANDER: Ellis, Ellis, por favor! Ellis!
PARSLEY: Nah, parece de boa pra mim.
MARIE: Ah, ótimo! Essa última pedra foi maior do que eu pensava.


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