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Page 306

Posted on
April 20, 2022

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Belfry, Callie, Jason, Kira, Nora

Tags: Cameo

Flatted by: Elle Pierre

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Author's Notes:

Kira's not taking your shock very well! And no wonder... there are lives on the line!

Thanks to Ashley (Kira) and Marco (Jason) for their patron cameos!

We've updated Chapters 1-4!

As a result, most of the non-English transcripts are now outdated. If you are looking to update and translate the changes, we have a handy changelog document that tells you what's changed.

In addition, most of the attached posts and hover text may be outdated too. We will be fixing that up shortly, and we appreciate your patience!

Thank you for all the work you guys do to make this comic more accessible! We hope it helps!


BELFRY: Wha...?
OFFSCREEN: Belfry, you have to get up!

OFFSCREEN: Something's happened to Tamberlane!

JASON: I guess there was a fight
JASON: and Tamberlane and Jonas fell into the river

JASON: Stiff upper lip, Bel! Kira's going to take us to them!


BELFRY: Wa...?
ABSEITS: Belfry, du musst aufstehen!

ABSEITS: Schnell!
ABSEITS: Tamberlane ist etwas passiert!

JASON: Ich vermute, es gab einen Streit
JASON: und Tamberlane und Jonas sind in den Fluss gefallen

JASON: Halt durch, Bel! Kira wird uns zu ihnen führen!

BELFRY : Quoi... ?
HORS ÉCRAN : Belfry, tu dois te lever !

HORS ÉCRAN : Allez !
HORS ÉCRAN : Quelque chose est arrivé à Tamberlane !

JASON : Je suppose qu'il y a eu une bagarre
JASON : et Tamberlane et Jonas sont tombés dans la rivière

JASON : Ne paniquons pas, Bel ! Kira va nous y emmener !

BELFRY: Quê...?
FORA: Belfry, você tem que se levantar!

FORA: Qualé!
FORA: Alguma coisa aconteceu com a Tamberlane!

JASON: Eu acho que teve uma briga
JASON: e a Tamberlane e o Jonas caíram no rio

JASON: Coragem, Bel! A Kira vai trazer nós para eles!