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Page 154

Posted on
August 29, 2018

Chapter: Chapter 3

Characters: Belfry, Briar, Tess, Walter

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Author's Notes:

I'm pretty sure there should be more dialogue between both partners when adopting a child...


WALTER: We should find someone else to look after her!

WALTER: We are not ready for this very loud kit!

WALTER: Tess, my darling...

WALTER: So you see, your mother was very enthusiastic about keeping the little Belfry. We had many talks. But I did come around. Obviously.

WALTER: She was our one and only, our pride and joy, until you came along, Briushka.
Now we have two prides!
Briar: Aww, Papochka/Daddy...

WALTER: So I say, Tess understands. She has other reasons to dispute. But they will work it out. They have the same personality
BRIAR: Okay, Okay I get it.


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