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Page 233

Posted on
October 7, 2020

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Belfry , Jason , Callie

Tags: Cameo

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Author's Notes:

Hmm.... Discussions are happening. Thank you, Zaukodar, for lending me Callie, a Patron cameo!

Hey all! Most important news: on Friday, the comments and forum on this site are going to be taken down and discontinued. I don't have the energy to properly moderate and cultivate the space, so we're going to instead be directing folks to the Foxglove Comics Discord! It's a well-moderated space and there's lots of fans there to chat about new uploads with. Plus I and the team are much more active there! Secondly, we're revamping the Patreon Friday! You can read all about the changes and updates here but in short: some high-effort-low-value rewards are going away, commissions are getting refreshed, and we're aiming for a better life/work balance for me! We'll be doing the revamp live on Friday on our Twitch at 1pm PST. Go check it out -- and maybe pledge?


CALLIE: It's the law, Jason!

CALLIE: It's not like I could have kept the incident quiet!
CALLIE: Children talk. And then it would have gotten to the Council anyway!
CALLIE: That would have been even worse!

BELFRY: Makes sense! Two wrongs don't make a right, and all that.
JASON: Was what Jentzen did wrong, though?

BELFRY: Not wrong, exactly. But the Edicts are there for a reason, right?
BELFRY: Callie couldn't just pretend it never happened!

BELFRY: I mean, what would you expect her to do? Lie?

JASON: I feel like there's a world of options between lying and reporting Jentzen to the authorities.
BELFRY: "Authorities?"
BELFRY: Jason, you're really not from around here!

CALLIE: Es ist das Gesetz, Jason!

CALLIE: Es ist ja nicht so, als hätte ich den Vorfall einfach verschweigen können!
CALLIE: Kinder reden. Und dann wäre es trotzdem beim Rat angekommen.
CALLIE: Das wäre noch schlimmer gewesen!

BELFRY: Macht Sinn! Ein zweiter Fehler begleicht nicht den ersten und so.
JASON: Aber war das, was Jentzen gemacht hat, wirklich falsch?

BELFRY: Also so richtig falsch war es nicht. Aber die Edikte gibt es aus einem Grund, richtig?
BELFRY: Callie konnte nicht einfach so tun, als wäre nichts geschehen!

BELFRY: Ich meine, was hätte sie sonst tun sollen? Lügen?

JASON: Ich glaub es gibt da noch einige Möglichkeiten zwischen Lügen und Jentzen bei der Obrigkeit anzuzeigen.
BELFRY: Der "Obrigkeit"
BELFRY: Jason, du bist wirklich nicht aus der Gegend!

CALLIE: É a lei, Jason!

CALLIE: Não é como se eu pudesse ter deixado o incidente quieto!
CALLIE: Crianças falam. E então teria acabado no Conselho de qualquer jeito!
CALLIE: Isso seria ainda pior!

BELFRY: Faz sentido! Dois errados não fazem um certo, e tal.
JASON: Mas, o que o Jentzen fez foi errado?/em>

BELFRY: Não errado, exatamente. Mas os Éditos estão lá por um motivo, certo?
BELFRY: A Callie não podia ter fingido que não aconteceu!

BELFRY: Quer dizer, o que você esperaria que ela fizesse ? Mentir?

JASON: Eu sinto que tem um mundo de opções entre mentir e reportar o Jentzen para as autoridades.
BELFRY: "Autoridades?"
BELFRY: Jason, você realmente não é dessas partes!


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