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Page 205

Posted on
January 29, 2020

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Belfry , Tamberlane

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Author's Notes:


Hey all! Most important news: on Friday, the comments and forum on this site are going to be taken down and discontinued. I don't have the energy to properly moderate and cultivate the space, so we're going to instead be directing folks to the Foxglove Comics Discord! It's a well-moderated space and there's lots of fans there to chat about new uploads with. Plus I and the team are much more active there! Secondly, we're revamping the Patreon Friday! You can read all about the changes and updates here but in short: some high-effort-low-value rewards are going away, commissions are getting refreshed, and we're aiming for a better life/work balance for me! We'll be doing the revamp live on Friday on our Twitch at 1pm PST. Go check it out -- and maybe pledge?


BELFRY: Yes! How about we go to Peek-a-Books? Does that sound good?

TAMBERLANE: Oh! Yes, please.

BELFRY: [thinking] Not even books distracted her? It's worse than I thought! Did he really hurt her?? Is she hiding the pain?!

BELFRY: [thinking] I should be able to tell what’s wrong with my own child! Why don’t I have a single clue?? Why can’t I cheer her up? I just want her to be happy!

BELFRY: [thinking] Okay, play it cool! Don’t let her know you're the worst mother on the planet! Be casual! Breathe!!

BELFRY: [thinking] aaaand go!
BELFRY: What’s on your mind, honey?
BELFRY: [thinking] Nailed it!


BELFRY: Ja! Wie wärs, wenn wir zu Peek-a-Books gehen? Klingt das toll?

TAMBERLANE: Oh! Ja, bitte.

BELFRY: [denkend] Nicht einmal Bücher lenken sie ab? Es ist schlimmer als ich dachte. Hat er ihr wirklich wehgetan?? Versteckt sie ihre Schmerzen?!

BELFRY: [denkend] Ich sollte doch wohl dazu in der Lage sein, zu erkennen, was mit meinem Kind los ist. Wieso bin ich dann so planlos?? Wieso kann ich sie nicht aufmuntern? Ich will nur, dass sie glücklich ist!

BELFRY: [denkend] Okay, bleib cool! Lass sie nicht merken, dass du die schlimmste Mutter auf Erden bist! Ganz entspannt! Atme!!

BELFRY: [denkend] uuuund los!
BELFRY: Worüber denkst du so nach, Schätzchen?
BELFRY: [denkend] Volltreffer!


BELFRY: Sim! Que tal nós irmos ao Peek-a-Books*? Soa bem pra você?

TAMBERLANE: Oh! Sim, por favor.

BELFRY: [pensando] Nem livros distraíram ela? É pior do que eu pensava! Será que ele realmente machucou ela?? Será que ela está escondendo a dor?!

BELFRY: [pensando] Eu deveria conseguir dizer o quê tem de errado com minha própria filha! Por que eu não tenho nenhuma idéia?? Por que eu não consigo ? Eu só quero que ela seja feliz!

BELFRY: [pensando] Ok, fica fria! Não deixa ela saber que você é a pior mãe do planeta! Seja casual! Respira!!

BELFRY: [pensando] eeeeee vai!
BELFRY: O que você está pensando, querida?
BELFRY: [pensando] Mandei bala!


*(Nota do Tradutor: Peek-a-Books é um trocadilho com Peek-a-Boo, um tipo de brincadeira infantil, levando em conta que o nome do proprietário da livraria se chama Peek.)


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