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Page 335

Posted on
March 1, 2023

Chapter: Chapter 5

Characters: Cur, Daniel, Kira, Rosalyn

Tags: Cameo

Inked by: Jonas

Flatted by: Knack Whittle

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Author's Notes:

Wuh oh! Looks like those Consequences(tm) are happening!

Thank you so much to Hades for the help with refining the background while I was on break.

Our Patreon just got a big revamp! If you enjoy Tamberlane and want to support its creation, I recommend checking it out!


KIRA: Haha, did you see that?
KIRA: Parsley all actin' like they give a toss about you?
KIRA: Buncha dumb foster wankers.
CUR: Yeah...

KIRA: Y'think after the millionth time you runned off, Coriander'd stop trying, eh?
CUR: Mm.

DANIEL: And where are you lot going?
KIRA: To see Jonas. Obviously.
CUR: Yeah, he's alright, then?

ROSALYN: H-he's... He...
ROSALYN: He's still alive.
ROSALYN: For now.

CUR: What d'you mean, for now??
KIRA: Then we gotta go see him! He needs us!!

KIRA: Haha, você viu isso?
KIRA: Parsley agindo como se ?
KIRA: Um monte de putos adotivos.
CUR: É...

KIRA: Tu pensa que depois da milionésima vez que tu fugiu, a Coriander pararia de tentar, hein?
CUR: Mm.

DANIEL: E onde vocês estão into?
KIRA: Pra ver o Jonas. Obviamente.
CUR: É, ele está bem, então?

ROSALYN: E-Ele... Ele...
ROSALYN: Ele ainda está vivo.
ROSALYN: Por enquanto.

CUR: Como assim, por enquanto??
KIRA: Então a gente tem que ir ver ele! Ele precisa da gente!!


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