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Page 290

Posted on
January 5, 2022

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Cur, Jonas, Kira, Tamberlane

Tags: Cameo

Flatted by: Elle Pierre

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Author's Notes:

Oof, Cur's good points have turned weaponized!

Thank you to Chaon (Cur), Jonas (Jonas), and Ashley (Kira) for your patron cameos! And thank you to Lauren Pierre for flatting this page!


CUR: No. Little Miss Wunderkind wants me to apologize. Fine.

CUR: I'm sorry you get to have all the love 'n' attention you could ever need.

CUR: I'm sorry creatures give a single shit about what you want.

CUR: I'm sorry you get to be the specialest little princess of this rotten town!!

TAMBERLANE: But I don't want to be special!!

CUR: Well too bad, Tamberlame. Eeeveryone thinks yer sooo special.
CUR: But guess what? Special just means different.

CUR: And you know what happens to creatures who're different.

CUR: Nein. Die kleine Frau Wunderkind will, dass ich mich entschuldige. Nagut.

CUR: Es tut mir so Leid, dass dich jeder liebt und mit dir kuschelt.

CUR: Es tut mir so Leid, dass es Lebewesen nen Scheiss interessiert, was du willst.

CUR: Es tut mir so Leid, dass du die besonderste kleine Prinzessin dieses Dreckslochs sein darfst!!

TAMBERLANE: Aber ich will doch nichtmal besonders sein!!

CUR: Tja, Pech gehabt, Tamberlahm. Jeeeder denkt du bist sooo besonders.
CUR: Aber rate mal was? 'Besonders' heisst einfach nur 'anders'.

CUR: Und du weisst, was mit Kreaturen geschieht, die anders sind.

CUR: Não. A Senhorita Prodígio quer que eu peça desculpa. Beleza.

CUR: Me desculpa que você pode ter todo o amor e atenção que você precisaria.

CUR: Me desculpa que criaturas não tão pouco se fodendo sobre o que você quer.

CUR: Me desculpa que você pode ser a princesinha mais especial dessa cidade podre!!

TAMBERLANE: Mas eu não quero ser especial!!

CUR: Que pena, Tamberlerda. Toooodo mundo acha que tu é tãooo especial.
CUR: Mas adivinha? Especial só quer dizer diferente.

CUR: E você sabe o que acontece com criaturas que são diferentes.


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