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Page 321

Posted on
August 31, 2022

Chapter: Chapter 5

Characters: Genevieve, Jentzen

Tags: Cameo

Inked by: Jonas

Flatted by: Elle Pierre

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Author's Notes:

They're gonna make sure, huh? Wonder who "they" are?

This marks the first page that Jonas has joined the team as an INKER! Though it's stretching my budget right now, it's definitely picking up the pace for page production! Pages should start coming out faster as we get the kinks worked out of the pipeline. It's very exciting!

If you'd like to help ease the budget and make it easier to get pages out (our goal is to have a fast enough pipeline and a big enough buffer to go to TWO pages a week, though that's a ways off right now!), then here are some ways to support the crew:
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If you'd like to support Jonas specifically, might I recommend picking up the Tales from Treehollow side comic he illustrated?

Anyway, in the meantime, I hope you guys just enjoy the pages, regardless! I'm excited to get this story out to you all faster!

Thank you to Cr0oked-Glasses (Jentzen) for your generous cameo!

We've updated Chapters 1-4!

As a result, most of the non-English transcripts are now outdated. If you are looking to update and translate the changes, we have a handy changelog document that tells you what's changed.

In addition, most of the attached posts and hover text may be outdated too. We will be fixing that up shortly, and we appreciate your patience!

Thank you for all the work you guys do to make this comic more accessible! We hope it helps!


GENEVIEVE: Some of us have a plan, okay?
GENEVIEVE: We're going to make sure nothing like this happens again.

GENEVIEVE: I promise.

GENEVIEVE: All right, love?

JENTZEN: I'm scared.

GENEVIEVE: The Council won't banish you, Jentzen.
GENEVIEVE: Not while I'm there.

GENEVIEVE : Certains d’entre nous ont un plan, d’accord ?
GENEVIEVE : Nous allons faire en sorte que rien de tel ne se reproduise.

GENEVIÈVE : Je le promets.

GENEVIEVE : Ça va, mon amour ?

JENTZEN : J'ai peur.

GENEVIEVE : Le Conseil ne va pas te bannir, Jentzen.
GENEVIEVE : Pas tant que j'y suis.

GENEVIEVE: Alguns de nós temos um plano, ok?
GENEVIEVE: Nós vamos fazer que nada que nem isso aconteça de novo.

GENEVIEVE: Eu prometo.

GENEVIEVE: Tudo bem, amor?

JENTZEN: Estou com medo.

GENEVIEVE: O Conselho não vai te banir, Jentzen.
GENEVIEVE: Não enquanto eu estou lá.