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Page 375

Posted on
January 31, 2024

Chapter: Chapter 5

Characters: Cur, Marie, Parsley

Tags: Cameo

Inked by: Caytlin

Flatted by: IzzySqueakzy

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Author's Notes:

Slowly getting through to Cur one deed at a time...

We've updated Chapters 1-4!

As a result, most of the non-English transcripts are now outdated. If you are looking to update and translate the changes, we have a handy changelog document that tells you what's changed.

In addition, most of the attached posts and hover text may be outdated too. We will be fixing that up shortly, and we appreciate your patience!

Thank you for all the work you guys do to make this comic more accessible! We hope it helps!


CUR: Ooo, well, I'd hate to make you stretch yer ickle b-b-baby brain tryin' to unnerstand m-me.

CUR: Eugh. It smells like you.
CUR: ...but... I guess it's alright.

CUR: But I'm not talking about last week's trip!
PARSLEY: We weren't gonna, mate. Don't worry.
CUR: Or them. In the hospital.
PARSLEY: Promise.

PARSLEY: So! What's yer favorite game to play?
CUR: Game?

PARSLEY: So, a game is when two or more creatures get together and-

RAFEIRO: Ooo, bem, eu ia odiar fazer você esticar esse teu cérebrozinho de b-b-bebê tentano m-me entender.

RAFEIRO: Eca. Isso cheira que nem você.
RAFEIRO: ...mas... eu acho que tá bom.

RAFEIRO: Mas eu não vou falar sobre o passeio da semana passada!
PARSLEY: A gente não ia, mano. Não se preocupa.
RAFEIRO: Ou eles. No hospital.
PARSLEY: Eu prometo.

PARSLEY: Então! Qual é tua brincadeira preferida?
RAFEIRO: Brincadeira?

PARSLEY: Então, uma brincadeira é quando duas ou mais criaturas se juntam e-