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Page 176

Posted on
May 01, 2019

Chapter: Chapter 3

Characters: Bleddyn, Honey, Tess, Timmothy

Tags: Cameo

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Author's Notes:

Let's get this party started!

Thank you to continuing Patreon cameos from Dorian (Bleddyn), Honey (Ashley Nichols), and Timmothy (TimmoWarner)! Want to show up in Treehollow? You can get your own Patreon cameo through Patreon!

Our Patreon just got a big revamp! If you enjoy Tamberlane and want to support its creation, I recommend checking it out!


TIMMOTHY: Hello, creatures of Silversage!! Welcome to the 576th Annual Sovereign Festival

TIMMOTHY: Treehollow is honored to host again for the first time in 12 years! Our council welcomes you! This is Bleddyn, our Infastructure Councilman! Honey, Our Agricultural Councilman! Tess, our Entrepreneurial Councilman! And I'm Timmothy, The Head Councilman and Recordkeeper!

TIMMOTHY: I hope we've improved our hospitality 12 times! We welcome our fellow Silversage denizens as we celebrate our victory with food, games and revelry!

TIMMOTHY: Now,given the occasion, I hope you wont begrudge me a little story...

TIMMOTHY: Hallo, Bewohner von Silver Sage!! Willkommen zum 576. Jährlichen Unabhängigkeitsfest!

TIMMOTHY: Treehollow hat die Ehre, es zum ersten Mal seit 12 Jahren wieder auszurichten! Unser Rat heisst euch willkommen! Das ist Bleddyn, unser Ratsmitglied für Infastruktur! Honey, Ratsmitglied für Landwirtschaft! Tess, unser kaufmännisches Ratsmitglied! Und ich, Timmothy, Vorsitzender des Rates und Buchführer!

TIMMOTHY: Ich hoffe, wir konnten unsere Gastfreundlichkeit 12 mal verbessern! Wir heißen unsere Mitbewohner von Silversage willkommen, um unseren Sieg mit Essen, Spielen und guter Stimmung zu feiern.

TIMMOTHY: Aus gegebenem Anlass hoffe ich, dass ihr mir eine kleine Geschichte nicht übel nehmen werdet...

TIMMOTHY: Olá, criaturas de Silversage!! Bem vindos ao quingentésimo septuagésimo sexto Festival Soberano Anual

TIMMOTHY: Treehollow está honrado em hospedar pela primeira vez em 12 anos! Nosso conselho te dá boas vinda! Esse é Bleddyn, nosso Conselheiro de Infraestrutura! Honey, nossa Conselheira de Agricultura! Tess, nossa Conselheira de Negócios! E eu sou Timmothy, o Conselheiro Primário e Relator!

TIMMOTHY: Eu espero que tenhamos melhorado nossa hospitalidade 12 vezes! Nós damos boas vindas aos nossos habitantes de Silversage enquanto celebramos nossa vitória com comida, jogos e folia!

TIMMOTHY: Agora, dada a ocasião, Eu espero que você me perdoe para contar uma historinha...


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