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Page 304

Posted on
April 13, 2022

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Belfry , Maya , Tamberlane , Terra , Tess , Walter

Tags: Cameo

Flatted by: Elle Pierre

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Author's Notes:

Dream sequence? Dream sequence.

Thanks to Terra (Terra) for their patron cameo!

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TESS: Oh, you silly thing, I should've known you'd break another!
BELFRY: I didn't do it! It was broken when I picked it up!

TERRA: Not again, Belfry!
MAYA: At this rate, you'll be more mud than bat!
BELFRY: But the cobble's uneven. Anyone could have...

WALTER: Ahhh, I should know better than to have you chop.
BELFRY: Y-you're right.

TAMBERLANE: I'll be happier away from you, Mummy!
TAMBERLANE: You know that, right?

BELFRY: I know.
BELFRY: I know!

SFX: gasp

TESS: Ach, du dummes Ding, war zu erwarten, dass du noch einen kaputt machst!
BELFRY: Das war ich nicht! Der war schon kaputt, als ich ihn aufgehoben habe!

TERRA: Nicht schon wieder, Belfry!
MAYA: Bald wirst du mehr Schlamm als Fledermaus sein!
BELFRY: Aber die Steine sind uneben. Jeder hätte...

WALTER: Ahhh, Ich hätte es besser wissen sollen, als dich schneiden zu lassen.
BELFRY: S-stimmt.

TAMBERLANE: Ich werde ohne dich glücklicher sein, Mammi!
TAMBERLANE: Das weißt du doch, oder?

BELFRY: Ich weiß.
BELFRY: Ich weiß!

SFX: keuch

TESS: Oh, sua bobona, eu devia saber que você ia quebrar outro!
BELFRY: Não fui eu! Estava quebrado quando eu peguei!

TERRA: De novo não, Belfry!
MAYA: Desse jeito, você vai ser mais lama do que morcego!
BELFRY: Mas o pedregulhos são irregulares. Qualquer um podia ter...

WALTER: Ahhh, eu não devia ter deixado você cortar.
BELFRY: V-você tá certo.

TAMBERLANE: Eu vou ser mais feliz longe de você, Mamãe!
TAMBERLANE: Você sabe isso, certo?

BELFRY: Eu sei.
BELFRY: Eu sei!



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