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Page 339

Posted on
March 29, 2023

Chapter: Chapter 5

Characters: Genevieve, Gunner, Honey, Scott, Tess, Timmothy

Tags: Cameo

Inked by: Caytlin

Flatted by: Caytlin

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Author's Notes:

It's a tea party!!

Long time no see, Council. As Ari and I have been doing comprehensive edits on previous pages (not yet posted), we're shoring up who's on the Council. We've found a place where Bleddyn can really shine, and so we swapped him out with Gunner. Those of you in the Foxglove community will easily recognize him!

I did inking and flatting on this page because it was a nightmare(tm). Did not want to have to explain it lmao


TIMMOTHY: Tess, there you are!

TIMMOTHY: Ah, no little cakes today?
TIMMOTHY: I suppose we did reschedule our meeting to an earlier time...

SCOTT: Mate, Tamberlane's in the hospital.
TIMMOTHY: WHAT?! Is that why we rescheduled?! I'm so sorry!

TESS: It's fine, Timmothy.

TIMMOTHY: Oh, Tess! Are you quite certain? How is she? What happened? Here, maybe some tea will cheer you up?

TESS: Timmothy, I said it's fine. I just want to get to work.

TIMMOTHY: Tess, aí você está!

TIMMOTHY: Ah, sem bolinhos hoje?
TIMMOTHY: Suponho que foi por que adiantamos nosso encontro...

SCOTT: Mano, a Tamberlane está no hospital.
TIMMOTHY: QUÊ?! É por isso que mudamos de horário?! Me desculpa!

TESS: Tudo bem, Timmothy.

TIMMOTHY: Oh, Tess! Tem certeza? Como elá está? O quê aconteceu? Aqui, talvez um pouco de chá vai te animar?

TESS: Timmothy, eu disse que tá tudo bem. Eu quero trabalhar logo.


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