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Page 332

Posted on
February 8, 2023

Chapter: Chapter 5

Characters: Callie, Trisha

Tags: Cameo

Inked by: Jonas

Flatted by: Knack Whittle

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Author's Notes:

I swear this illness storyline was written long before Covid was a thing...

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CALLIE: Trisha, you're on the Council...
CALLIE: Is Jentzen in trouble?
CALLIE: Real trouble?

TRISHA: The illness hit us like a wave.
TRISHA: Destroyed everything in its wake.
TRISHA: Families...
TRISHA: Supplies...
TRISHA: Trust...

TRISHA: Do you remember the last banishment? During the outbreak?
CALLIE: A little.
TRISHA: I remember a lot of creatures sick or leaving, mostly.
TRISHA: You're quite young...

CALLIE: I remember the protests.
TRISHA: The old Council was so set in their ways.
TRISHA: To banish so many...
TRISHA: And then the incident with the former Smiths...
TRISHA: It was unconscionable.

CALLIE: Trisha, você está no conselho...
CALLIE: O Jentzen tá ferrado?
CALLIE: Tipo, realmente ferrado?

TRISHA: A doença atingiu a gente que nem uma onda.
TRISHA: Destruiu tudo em seu rastro.
TRISHA: Familias...
TRISHA: Suprimentos...
TRISHA: Confiança...

TRISHA: Você lembra do último banimento? Durante a epidemia?
CALLIE: Um pouco.
TRISHA: Eu lembro de um monte de criaturas doentes ou saindo, principalmente.
TRISHA: Você é bem nova...

CALLIE: Eu lembro dos protestos.
TRISHA: O antigo Conselho era muito rígido.
TRISHA: Baniram tantos...
TRISHA: E então o incidente com os prévios Ferreiros...
TRISHA: Foi irracional.


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