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Page 342

Posted on
April 19, 2023

Chapter: Chapter 5

Characters: Gunner, Scott, Tess, Timmothy, Trisha

Tags: Cameo

Inked by: Caytlin

Flatted by: IzzySqueakzy

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Author's Notes:

Alas, their paws seem to be tied...

Tamberlane is going to be on hiatus October 5-31! In addition to Caytlin needing to take some time off to focus on her health, we’re currently heads-down finalizing the new Chapter 4 books and Kickstarter rewards. We are also gearing up to publish the new-and-improved page edits for the comic that will make older chapters align with the established canon of the story and improve your reading experience. We'll have a party when the pages go live, so keep an eye out for that in the future!

Thank you so much for your patience, and we look forward to returning in November!

Project Manager Caytlin


GUNNER: There hasn't been a trial like that in nearly two decades.
GUNNER: I only wish to go to trial if we absolutely must.

TESS: Gunner has the right of it.
TESS: Do we really want to put Jentzen to a banishment trial? Just for pushing to answer questions?

TRISHA: For what it's worth, Callie recanted! We needn't pursue any judgment on her behalf.

TIMMOTHY: It unfortunately doesn't matter.
TIMMOTHY: Much as I'd love to, in this instance we cannot utilize Statute 113-42.

TIMMOTHY: When he pushed back publicly in front of the kits, he made it a matter of public interest.
TIMMOTHY: Besides which, as T.A. to the school teacher, he is a public figure and government employee. We cannot simply sweep this under the rug.

GUNNER: Não houve um julgamento dessa forma faz quase duas décadas.
GUNNER: Eu só desejo ir à julgamento se for absolutamete necessário.

TESS: O Gunner está certo.
TESS: Nós realmente queremos colocar o Jentzen em um julgamento de banimento? Só por ter empurrado por responder perguntas?

TRISHA: Por o quê isso vale, a Callie retraiu a queixa! Não precisamos buscar julgamento por ela.

TIMMOTHY: Infelizmente isso não importa.
TIMMOTHY: Por mais que eu queira, nessa instâcia não podemos usar o Estatuto 113-42.

TIMMOTHY: Quando ele retrucou publicamente na frente dos filhotes, ele fez isso uma questão de interesse público.
TIMMOTHY: Além de que, como Assistente para a professora da escola, ele é uma figura pública e um empregado do governo. Não podemos simplesmente empurrar isso pra de baixo do tapete.


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