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Page 341

Posted on
April 12, 2023

Chapter: Chapter 5

Characters: Genevieve, Gunner, Honey, Scott, Tess, Timmothy, Trisha

Tags: Cameo

Inked by: Caytlin

Flatted by: IzzySqueakzy

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Author's Notes:

Ooo, look at that, a little peek into Treehollow's legal practice!

Join Caytlin and Ari as they celebrate the public launch of the official re-edit of the first four chapters of Tamberlane! And also CAYTLIN'S BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAYTLIN

We are SUPER excited to announce the public release of an EXTENSIVE edit of the first four chapters of Tamberlane! During our production of the Omnibus collection for the recently completed Kickstarter, we spent hours pouring over every page of the first Arc (Chapters 1-4), tweaking dialogue and art when needed, both for story consistency and to ensure the best telling of this story! Over the years, the Tamberlane Saga has evolved significantly and it was super gratifying to be able to go back and make adjustments.

To celebrate this big relaunch (which happens to be around Caytlin's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAYTLIN!!), we'll be hosting a launch party on Caytlin's Twitch on Friday, December 15 at 9AM PST! We hope to see you there! You can access the twitch here, or through the Twitch button in the navigation bar!


SCOTT: Good morning, fellows! Let's see...

SCOTT: Callie Teacher reported an incident in her classroom wherein Jentzen Prentice intended to answer questions about Abroad.

SCOTT: He stated that given the impact that Abroad has had on the childrens' lives, they deserve to know more about it.

SCOTT: When confronted about his behaviour, he chose to push back publicly rather than discuss it privately after class.
SCOTT: Genevieve has called this meeting to discuss how to proceed.
SCOTT: Thoughts?

GENEVIEVE: Given Jentzen's sterling record and town standing, I move that punishment is handled privately per Statute 113-42, as normal.

TIMMOTHY: Understandable. However...
TIMMOTHY: Regrettably, Jentzen's actions violate the third edict. And when an edict is broken...
TIMMOTHY: ...we're to go to trial.

SCOTT: Bom dia, colegas! Vamos ver...

SCOTT: Callie Professora reportou um incidente em sua sala de aula onde Jentzen Prendiz teve a intenção de responder questões sobre o Exterior.

SCOTT: Ele disse que dado o impacto que o Exterior tem tido nas vidas das crianças, elas mereçem saber mais sobre tal.

SCOTT: Quando confrontado sobre seu comportamento, ele escolheu retaliar publicamente em vez de discutir em privado.
SCOTT: Genevieve chamou esse encontro pra discutirmos como proceder.
SCOTT: Pensamentos?

GENEVIEVE: Dado o histórico e reputação com a cidade pristinos do Jentzen, eu posito que a punição deve ser administrada privadamente, conforme o Estatuto 113-42, como normal.

TIMMOTHY: Entendível. Porém...
TIMMOTHY: Infelizmente, as ações do Jentzen violaram o terceiro édito. E quando um édito é quebrado...
TIMMOTHY: ...devemos ir á julgamento.


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