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Page 267

Posted on
July 28, 2021

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: ArtieHattie, Marie, Piper, Tamberlane

Tags: Cameo

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Author's Notes:

Oh no, the spoops are multiplying! Artie's got Piper in the palm of her paw!

Thank you to Lightfox Lowell for donating Artie & Hattie, and to Chaon for Cur, Ashley for Kira, and Jonas for Jonas.

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ARTIE: But enough about how the Longwalkers catch their prey.
HATTIE: What do you think they do when they catch you?

ARTIE: They don't eat you right away. No...
HATTIE: A Longwalker will dig a hole for each victim. Just barely big enough for you to turn around.

ARTIE: Because if there's one thing Longwalkers like...
HATTIE:'s to play with their food.
HATTIE: Because they don't eat your body. No..

ARTIE: Do you know what they eat, Piper?
PIPER: W-What?

ARTIE: They...

ARTIE: Aber genug darüber, wie sie ihre Beute jagen.
HATTIE: Was denkt ihr machen sie, sobald sie euch gefangen haben?

ARTIE: Sie fressen euch nicht sofort, oh nein...
HATTIE: Ein Langwandler gräbt ein Loch für jedes seiner Opfer, gerade groß genug, sich darin umzudrehen.

ARTIE: Denn wenn es etwas gibt, das sie mögen...
HATTIE: ...dann ist es, mit ihrem Futter zu spielen.
HATTIE: Denn sie fressen nicht eure Körper. Nein..

ARTIE: Weisst du, was sie fressen, Piper?

ARTIE: Sie...
ARTIE: ...fressen...

ARTIE: Mas já chega sobre como os Andalongos pegam suas presas.
HATTIE: O que você acha que eles fazem quando eles te pegam?

ARTIE: Eles não comem você direto. Não...
HATTIE: Um Andalongo cava um buraco pra cada vítima. Apenas grande o bastante pra você poder virar.

ARTIE: Por que se tem alguma coisa que os Andalongos gostam...
HATTIE: ...é de brincar com sua comida.
HATTIE: Por que eles não comem seu corpo. Não..

ARTIE: Você sabe o que eles comem, Piper?
PIPER: O-oquê?

ARTIE: Eles...
ARTIE: ...comem...


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