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Page 77

Posted on
April 11, 2017

Chapter: Chapter 2

Characters: Marie, Parsley, Penny, Tamberlane

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Author's Notes:

It's a damn shame.

Join Caytlin and Ari as they celebrate the public launch of the official re-edit of the first four chapters of Tamberlane! And also CAYTLIN'S BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAYTLIN

We are SUPER excited to announce the public release of an EXTENSIVE edit of the first four chapters of Tamberlane! During our production of the Omnibus collection for the recently completed Kickstarter, we spent hours pouring over every page of the first Arc (Chapters 1-4), tweaking dialogue and art when needed, both for story consistency and to ensure the best telling of this story! Over the years, the Tamberlane Saga has evolved significantly and it was super gratifying to be able to go back and make adjustments.

To celebrate this big relaunch (which happens to be around Caytlin's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAYTLIN!!), we'll be hosting a launch party on Caytlin's Twitch on Friday, December 15 at 9AM PST! We hope to see you there! You can access the twitch here, or through the Twitch button in the navigation bar!


PARSLEY: Where's your mum?

PARSLEY: You don't understand?

PARSLEY: Your mum! You know, warm and soft and feeds you and takes care of you? Hugs you after nightmares?
PARSLEY: Still don't understand, huh? I'm awfully bad at explaining this.


PARSLEY: Oh, ah... I'm sorry, Tam, I don't know that one.

PARSLEY: Ah, poor little luv.
PARSLEY: Now I rather wish Cilantro hadn't moved to Three Rivers.

PARSLEY: 妳的媽媽在哪裡?

PARSLEY: 妳不明白?

PARSLEY: 你的媽媽!你知道,溫暖而柔軟,給你吃飯,照顧你?在你噩夢後擁抱你?
PARSLEY: 還是不明白嗎?我真的很不擅長解釋這個。


PARSLEY: 哦,啊...對不起,Tam,我不懂那個詞。

PARSLEY: 噢,可憐的小寶貝。
PARSLEY: 現在我真希望Cilantro沒搬到Three Rivers。

PARSLEY: Wo ist deine Mutter?

PARSLEY: Du verstehst nicht?

PARSLEY: Deine Mutter! Du weißt schon, warm und weich und gibt dir Essen and kümmert sich um dich? Tröstet dich nach bösen Träumen?
PARSLEY: Verstehst mich nicht, oder? Ich bin furchtbar schlecht im Erklären..


PARSLEY: Oh, ah... Sorry, Tam, das zeichen kenn ich nicht.

PARSLEY: Ah, armer kleiner Schatz.
PARSLEY: Jetzt wünsch ich mir grade, Coriander wäre nicht nach Three Rivers gezogen.

PARSLEY: Gdzie twoja mama?

PARSLEY: Nie rozumiesz?

PARSLEY: Twoja mama! Wiesz, ciepła i przytulna i karmi cię i się tobą opiekuje? Przytula cię jak masz koszmary?
PARSLEY: Nadal nie rozumiesz, co? .


PARSLEY: Oh, ah... Przepraszam Tamberlane, tego akurat nie znam.

PARSLEY: Ah, biedactwo.
PARSLEY: Teraz żałuję że Cilantro przeprowadził się do Trzech Rzek.

PARSLEY: Cadê sua mãe?

PARSLEY: Você não entende?

PARSLEY: Sua mãe! Sabe, quentinha e macia e te dá comida e toma conta de você? Te abraça depois de um pesadelo?
PARSLEY: Ainda não entendeu, hein? Eu sou horrível em explicar isso.


PARSLEY: Oh, ah... Desculpa, Tam, Eu não sei essa daí.

PARSLEY: Ai, pobre amorzinho.
PARSLEY: Agora desejava que o Cilantro não tivesse se mudado pra Três Rios.


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