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Q&A - Valuable Rocks

Posted on
June 14, 2023

Chapter: Chapter 5

Characters: Anthony

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Author's Notes:

I am still recovering from COVID, so Tamberlane is on hiatus for this week. In the meantime, please enjoy this old Q&A that was originally posted exclusively on my Patreon!


*translated from Growl

dear Anthonie
Sorry yoo misst skcooll for goast hunnting.
Can yoo tell me abott rocxs? Espishully wich ones are valyoobul?

ANTHONY: Thanks for your condolences, Cur.
ANTHONY: (though maybe you should spend more time in class yourself...)

ANTHONY: So obviously, metals like copper and iron are the most valuable.
ANTHONY: Since you can only get em from Follybrook.
ANTHONY: But other'n that...

ANTHONY: I mean, value depends on who you're trading with... but a sturdy stone good for masonry is probably most valuable.

ANTHONY: So your best bet is something fine-grained and compact, like Basalt, or granite!


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