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Page 87

Posted on
May 17, 2017

Chapter: Chapter 2

Characters: Marie, Parsley, Penny, Tamberlane

Tamberlane is Currently Sponsored By...

A. Douglas "FaultBat", Aaron Nauert, Aelius, Aerdan, Akai the smol fox, Aziz Al-Khars, BallofFloof, Berwyn, Chaon, Chris, Chuckles, Cr0-okedGlasses, D'Archangel, Daphne Pfister, DireTaco, Dovahderpy, Eric Tryon, Fruitso, Fruxalga, GriffinGGamer, Gunny Waffle, Ido Shalev, Jared Dark, Jared Larkin, Jonas, JoofAloof, Julia, KettuTheFox, Kevin McCullough, Kimmers4Ever, Lady Hatty, Lauren Pierre, Lester D. Crawford, Lightfox Lowell, Lillian Marie Burch, Lizette, Michael "Neon Noble" Nicolosi, Mokabur, Nicole Thornwolf Dornsife, Nightshade89, Nolan "Note Worthy" Slover, Patrick Kingsley, Preston Moore, Rizer Stake, Ross, Sammie Auburn, Scott Fraser, Shu, Stoker Bramwell, Stoker and Jonas, StrayXIII (Wes), Sunny Franklin, The Masked Retriever, Tim Latshaw, Tsuuga, fox3379, null_void

Author's Notes:

River pirates! Or as Timmo would call it, river pickles!

Marie must be a font of maritime knowledge.

One Good Year for Anastasia

My friend's 6 year old daughter, whom I based Tamberlane on, has a fatal brain tumor and a prognosis of 1 year to live. I'm asking folks who love Tamberlane, if they're able, to throw a couple of dollars at their GoFundMe to give Anastasia a wonderful last year. Find out more here.


PARSLEY: Aye, y' peacock poppinjay! Have at ye!

PENNY: Avast, y'walker! I'm a pirate!!

PARSLEY: Scurrilous child!
PENNY: Heehee!

PARSLEY: You can't run away on a ship!
PENNY: Try me!

MARIE: Come on, Tam, let's batten the hatches!

MARIE: I think that means open the windows!

PARSLEY: Aí, seu pavão topetudo! Toma essa!

PENNY: Cesse, andarilho! Sou um pirata!!

PARSLEY: Pivete calunioso!
PENNY: Heehee!

PARSLEY: Você não consegue correr em um barco!
PENNY: Paga pra ver!

MARIE: Vamos lá, Tam, vamos fechar as escotilhas!

MARIE: Eu acho que significa abrir as janelas!


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