That's it, y'all! The Kickstarter has run for an INCREDIBLY successful 30 days, and we've hit 84,764 dollars in pledges! That's absolutely bonkers, and we can't express our absolute gratitude to you all.

So what's next? The BackerKit! This is a chance for people who missed out on the campaign to purchase the Omnibus, Softbound, or any number of goodies! Plus, we have a BIG SURPRISE for everyone interested in the second stretch goal of reprinting softbounds of books 1-3!

Turns out, BackerKit allows us to include purchasable items that only charge you/unlock if we hit the associated stretch goal. In other words, we can sell reprinted Chapters 1-3, and you will only be charged for them if we end up hitting $95,000 in total pledges. If we don't hit the stretch goal, you won't be charged for those items. That means that all sales of those reprints will go TOWARDS the stretch goal!

Check out our BackerKit below:

Pre-order Now

So, if you're interested in updated reprints of the first three softbounds, with edits and higher quality paper, help us make that stretch goal happen in the BackerKit!

Otherwise, if you're happy with what you've got already, thank you again SO much for helping us make this such a success. We couldn't be more thrilled to get these gorgeous books to you all. Keep your eyes on further updates as we share the process of bringing them to life in physical form!