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Such salient questions! Turns out the kids aren’t as informed as one would think…

Continued thanks to Zaukodar (Callie) and Ashley Nichols (Kira) for their Patreon cameos!

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CALLIE: S-so, when we go to Bally Bluffs, I’ll have brought plenty of parchment for our roots projects…

KIRA: Hey, Marie, you were right! Nice subject change, Teach!

MARIE: Oh, please, Miss Callie, just tell us!

ANTHONY: Grown-ups make it sound so terrifying
PIPER: And awesome!

CALLIE: It is not awesome! We don’t talk about…that place
KIRA: Maybe we didn’t before, but since Tamberlane got here, it’s all you grown-ups ever whisper about!
CALLIE: Children, please, this is highly innapropriate!

ANTHONY: Why do some creatures choose to go there?

MARIE: How come being sick is just as bad as being a traitor?

PIPER: And why do you get tainted so you can’t come back?

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And why do you look like you’re about to be shot in the head if we continue to ask you these questions about Abroad?
…And why are you on the ground bleeding to death?

Thanotos Omega
Thanotos Omega

It’s going to be hilarious if she can’t actually answer because this whole never talk about it thing means no one actually knows much more than it’s far away technologically advanced and bad for some undefined reasons that were apparently self evident to who ever started this Voldemort stuff over it so they never bothered to pass it down,


“Is it short for something? Like, A Broad what?”


Hmm. “Tainted”? “Being sick like being a traitor”? And that map….reminding me of England…

I’m beginning to get a suspicion of why “abroad” is no-beings land…and why they fear it.


Under the circumstances, they have the right to know.

I can wager some guesses knowing how humans are, but I’m curious to hear the actual explanations.


That poor teacher lol