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Huzzah!! A page!! I’m not back to work full time yet for sure. I can only handle a couple hours at the computer upstairs. But it’s DEFINITE progress! And I look forward to continuing to improve.

Meanwhile, storytime!

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TIMMOTHY: Long ago, my very own ancestor, Nairobi, was torn between her family and the growing Sovereignty movement.

TIMMOTHY: The tides were starting to turn in our favor, but we needed all the help we could get.

TIMMOTHY: But her family had already lost too much. They begged her not to go. To stay safe.

TIMMOTHY: You should know that we meerkats are very familial creatures. The pull of the hearth is very strong.

TIMMOTHY: But Nairobi was no ordinary meerkat.

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pj wolf
pj wolf

Seems like Tess and Claude know EXACTLY where this story is going…


Tamberlane looks like she recognizes the similarities to her own family.


I love the look on Tamberlane’s face in the third panel. She’s so engrossed in the story that you could steal her candy and she wouldn’t notice.

Welsh Rat

A Meerkat Mental Movie.