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Guest Comic- Adam Conn

Guest Comic- Adam Conn published on 7 comments

Another guest comic!

This is another winner of the #tamberlaneandme contest. This comic among several other excellent ones will feature in the Chapter 3 book, which if you missed the Kickstarter, you can order here.

About the Piece:
I was inspired to write this piece because of the strong sense of community in Tamberlane. It’s a bittersweet read sometimes as some of the pages hit close to home, reminding me of troubling times I’ve lived through. However, the cast lifting each other up in their moments of weakness without question is pure goodness. As our world becomes ever more isolating and we are left to our devices, I just wanted to remind everyone that we are still a community and care for one another. Don’t let the demons in your head tell you otherwise. There is always someone out there who cares for you and you are not alone.

About Adam:
My name is Adam and I am a graduate student working towards my PhD in biochemistry (six years in, should be done soonTM!). I love solving problems and love teaching others what I can. While shirking my responsibilities associated with graduating, I am an avid board gamer, comic reader, and amateur figure painter. I’m too clumsy to keep a steady hand, but I don’t mind because its all-in good fun anyways. I have a large soft spot for skunks (<3 Marie) leading to frequent empty pots of white and black. IMPORTANT OPOSSUMCORN ASSISTANT NOTE:

Tamberlane is on a temporary hold while Caytlin sorts out some health related things. She’s unsure of how long the comic will be on hold, but we will continue to update you guys on what’s up over the @TamberlaneComic twitter! Hopefully it will only be a week or so!! Feel better Caytlin!!!

Until then, Please enjoy this very silly picture I did of Piper in her very spooky Halloween costume!


WHITE: It’s difficult to shake those feelings of staining our hearts with

RED : Doubt Fear Pain Loss

WHITE: marks that cannot be erased

WHITE: The eyes of the world always trained upon us.

RED : Chiding Laughing Judging

WHITE: Making us question our worth.



PINK: (Keep your head up.)


PINK: (You aren’t giving yourself a fair chance.)

WHITE: Obsessing our own faults blinds us to the beauty we bring into this world. Stray threads of kindness holding each other up. Our passions, assistance, love, weaving a fabric between us, providing an unspoken support and connecting us all in a large community, built on the small kindnesses we send into the world unwittingly. A compliment, a hand, a smile, providing strength to navigate our crazy lives. So take a hand if you need it. We all need it sometimes. And know that there are always those out there with you even when the world seems darkest.

BELFRY: Now be a good Tamberlane and thrive!! I’ll be right here by your side!

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Another wonderful shout-out to the art community, the world at large and the US, in particular, is getting more and more rushed with a get it done yesterday mindset, no time to stop and enjoy things, if you want to succeed you need to practically be born with incredible talent and instantly master the latest technology. This message is super important to anyone who does art, or music, or any sort of creative pursuit really.
On that note, I hope Caytlin feels better soon #InternetHugs 🤗


Dearest Caytlin,

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and art with us. Just discovered Tamberlane today and absolutely fell in love with it. Blessings to you and yours. Looking forward to seeing more of this wonderful world and amazing characters.

And thank you to the lovely guest artists!


wow that was deep


Panel 1: “/It’s/ difficult to shake…”


this comic sure goes on hiatus a lot