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Sketch Request Rules

Sketch Request Rules published on No Comments on Sketch Request Rules
  • If you do not put in a request on the trello, you will not get a reward that month. You are welcome to submit requests for months in advance or choose “Artist’s Choice.”
  • $50 tier commissions: single character, waist-up.
  • $100 tier commissions: single character, full body.
  • Three people may “bank” their requests each month. By putting your sketch slot in the bank, you forego your drawing for that month. Then the next month, you can ask for 2 characters, or a $50 tier can request a full-body image of 1 character. You can only bank 1 month at a time. You must make your “upgraded” request at the same time as you bank.
  • For your sketch request, you may instead choose to have a previous sketch drawn by Caytlin flat-colored. Don’t go overboard.

No NSFW requests are allowed. That means no genitals; no sexual posing, expression, or implications; no graphic violence; and no content which a reasonable viewer may not want to be seen accessing in a public or formal setting such as in a workplace.

No armor. No musical instruments. If your character design is too complex, I will simplify it.

No sketches drawn as a reward may be used for any commercial purposes.

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