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Testing a comment.


You’re doing wonderful work Caytlin. Do you have any other stories?

This is truly the first time I’ve gone forward with drawing my own story! In the past, I’ve worked with other writers.
I’m currently writing a comic for Abigail Starling to draw called Sugar and Sage, about a kitchen witch. I also have another comic waiting in the wings for after Tamberlane called Wartorn. But otherwise, not much else to show right now!

Thank you for your kind comment!

Now there’s Russian in there language!?
So much for a translation

…and to immediately patch that, here’s a rough (emphasize that word, as I am NOT trained in Russian) translation I cobbled together via some finagling with a printed Russian alphabet and a bit of Google:
-“Welcome to Nazca, Olenka”
-“Thanks, daddy.”

Hilariously, the only reason why it occurred to me that this actually means something is because I did something similar and had a mundane realization two seconds after reading it back~ XD

It took a little Google cleverness, but the Russian is “Welcome back, Olenka.” “Thanks, Daddy.”

No idea why he calls her Olenka.

It’s an affectuous nickname. Russians use a lot of diminutive names, which can be made-up on the go according to various methods depending on the relationship one has with the person who receives the nickname. A first name like “Sergeï” can have more than 25 commonly used diminutives ! But diminutives aren’t the only method, and “Olenka” is likely something like “little (female) deer”, or a variation around one aspect of her appearance or personnality.
Ask me again if you don’t need anything.

Why doesn’t anyone ever reply to these posts? This story is adorable and I love Tamberlane!

hi, i should of said this a lot sooner sorry i fail the little things a lot.

i met you in person at a con a bout a year n a half a go. and when i came up to your booth or was passing buy you beconed me to take a look at your comic we exchanged a couple pleasantry. i noted i read a lot of comics and that i had not heard of yours i thumbed over a book and said your art looked good. but rather then pushing me to buy you book you picked up of the hint i dont even recall dropping about being low on funds. you suggested i check out the comic on your web page for free. handed me a bissness card and smiled.

things there is no way you could of known was i was so low on funds i had 60$ left to last that day and the next of the con. yes i likely could of bought the book but then would of only had food $ left. i was looking but not buying. and it was refreshing not to feal bad about just looking as venders were fighting to sale there weres.

i think it was another 6 months befor i got a chance to look up the comic, but that bissness card was and still is sitting on my bed side dresser. time just slipped buy be for i got a chance to finally dive in to your lovely world.

i binge on things i read offen siting and reading for hours and if its good ill forgo sleeeing just to finish reading it, for webcomics this means i might stay up all night 6 to 8 hours reading 500-800 webcomic pages.

so about a year a go at this point i binge read them all and fell in love with the fuzzy fluffy loving and lovely world you offered up to us all.

i then lost that bissnesscard and for the life of me and google could not find your webcomic for a couple months. 4 or so… then i found the bisnesscard and made sure it went back to my dresser top and bookmarked the comic hahaha …. not going to lose it this time.

anyhow i now check it and read it as u post it and wanted to say thank you. i allways look forward to the next page. and while im still a pore popper i wanted to know your art is one of the many webcomics that fills the wealth of happyness i look forward to each day.

Are you washing your hands of the comments section? Because that would explain why I never got that Romanization last strip, so I don’t suppose there’s any point in asking for one here.

Lol on the last page it was actually translated in the transcript. Not on this page, guess Pixel Prism wants us to work for it this time.

золотце моё. zolotse moyo. it is for “my gold” literally, but suppose to sound cute. grandparents call kids like that sometimes, less often parents.. but you probably already know that)
will this story ever return to Belfry? i miss clumsy one))

So is “each other” actually one word in this world? Also, “pit tournament”?

Ok wow. I mean now its more odd that Tess is so hard on belfry for taking in a kit when SHE’S the one that did it before
And he thought it was a mistake to do it then… and told Belfry that he wouldn’t interfere with her ‘mistake’ now!?

Good god, almost seems like these two regretted adopting belfry

They did not -regret- adopting Belfry. They were just thinking how hard it was for them, and are worried about Belfry taking such a task on herself at such a young age. Tess and Walter had each other and were competent to support baby Belfry. “Adult” Belfry does not have a mate to help her (she does have Walter & Tess though), and is noticeably… inept. As much as she loves Tamberlane, it’s bound to be hard.

On the other hand, Belfry does seem to have rather come into her own since she adopted Tamberlane. I’ve noticed that she does not appear nearly as clumsy now that someone is depending on her to be more “competent”. 🙂

you didn’t answer what a pit tournament is. and you’d think the badger would understand about adopting a weird kid. i don’t like the badger mom.

My mother-in-law got married and pregnant at 16. She had it hard, mostly because the dad abused her(both physically and verbally) , almost never contributed financially, didn’t help with the kids and then up and left after they had 5 kids who were under 10. She ended up having 3 more kids later in her life. Her third daughter got pregnant at 16. She was livid, to say the least. She didn’t want her daughter to have my nephew- not because she didn’t understand but because she did. She knew how hard raising a child by yourself is. I think that Tess is the same way as the situation I described above. She did take on a kit when her and Walter were not ready, but Bel needed someone and they were entrusted to look after her. She bonded with Belfry just like Belfry bonded with Tam. The way I see it, she doesn’t want Belfry to endure all of the hardships she did while raising Belfry. However, I don’t agree with her treatment of Tam. She may not agree with Belfry keeping Tam, but she should be kind to the baby.

Interesting they have classes for animal types.

Thing I wonder is there seems to be an abundance of types of anthros around. Do they not have ape and monkey types?

Panel 4: Pretty sure that should be “Why /is/ your /tail/ so different?”

Not necessarily. If she’s talking about how the two of them have very different tails, the line fits.

Kined of an odd question but its been bugging me the lasf few pages. Is the golden corgi male or female lol?

Are we ever going to find out why they are feared, or will it never be explained due to Tamberlane being nearby? Whatever it is, it isn’t something a child should hear.

The reactions seem to indicate they’re carrying some kind of disease. Leprosy for example would fit in with the docking.

And I think the reason why nobody has explained anything to Tamberlane is simply because there hasn’t been any time to do so.

you only caught the mistake about the update delay the day before??

Hi There! This is Panda assistant. 🙂

Miscalculations happen sometimes, we are only human afterall. We were doing our calculations based on how many comic pages have already been completed, and I noticed the mistake once I went to schedule the comics to be posted for the week.

I’m recovering from major surgery, and since Caityln is feeling rather burnt out at the moment, our brains have been really fuzzy.

We really do apologize for the mistake, but I’m sure you understand that focusing on recovering from our medical stuff is foremost on our minds right now. Tamberlane will be back next week, we promise. 🙂

Thanks for your patience!

Woah WOah.

Up till now I thought that the reaction to those two was that those two are like scary people or something. like they have mob ties. that was why i thought people were avoiding them like the plague…

Now I think it might be that they think they are like LITERALLY avoiding them like the plague.

“we didn’t touch her” from the previous page. I thought that was a “we didn’t hurt her” sort of thing, but now i think it was literally about TOUCHING her, like it would infect her or something….

Am I onto something?

Their job probably comes with some adverse side effects. Like maybe they are zombie hunters and have developed an immunity to the zombie virus, yet still are carriers. Or perhaps it is because they are kinds of domestic breeds and have human cooties in their DNA. Or maybe they have bad hygiene and their scents rub off onto others easily. Occupation, species, classism, et cetera, take your pick.

Yeah, I think Follybrook might be something like a leper colony.

You did see last week, where they called WHERE THEY ARE NOW a ‘backwards hell hole’? Doesn’t suggest they come from a Leper colony to me.

I’m sorry, but that’s just a bad argument.

Her views on Treehollow have zero impact on the status of Follybrook.

For starters, Tagg could simply be a hypocrite and be more forgiving to one community than the other. Or maybe that statement was merely a reaction to the way she and Danger are being treated. Or maybe she considers Follybrook a “backwards hell hole” as well – maybe she and Danger were exiled there and originally came from a big city type of place.

I see where you’re coming from, but you really can’t draw any conclusions about Follybrook based on that statement.

Mx. Tagg? what does the Mx stand for? mix? is that a word that can be used for Gender Non-binary people?

Mx? really?

Poor Milo.

I bet they are the equivalent of trans people: people avoiding them as in a xenophobic society, unusual pronouns, cut tail, etc…

So. Milo’s living grumpily, Tagg’s living Dangerously and Danger’s living… Taggishly?

Is anyone else bothered by the fact they brought children, mostly Tamberlane, into a bar? Because I’m a little bothered by this unless either this place allows it as long as they are accompanied by an adult or this is an all ages bar.

Cannot help but notice the hand gesture in 3rd panel: the right-handed thumbs up being cradled in left hand.

This same gesture we saw two pages back when Tam was saying to Leon ‘l help!’ . Suggests that this is the Trissol sign for ‘help’ maybe?

Strangely enough l think we saw tam do this gesture to Parsley in pg 77. To which Parse responds that he doesnt know that one. Combining her excitement then with her use of it here…maybe she was asking for help back then? Help finding a translator perhaps?

Fist-to-head = calling self stupid
Alternatively, paw-to-head ‘salute’ (done by Parsley in pg…81 or so) = dont understand

Maybe l should compile a Trissol to English dictionary in my spare time from clues such as these

I’d say isolationist communities except for that Fox from a few weeks back who reacted to Tam because he ‘hadn’t been to town in a while’. So they’re not exactly locked gates…

Anyhow… From Fuffy mommy…

Since you fell into my life, my love
– or, rather, I fell into yours –
we’ve brought each other up, my love,
you’ve made me fight my flaws.
You have become my heart, my love,
my reason to get up;
even if we don’t know what you are, my love
not Kitten nor Kit nor Pup.
You’ve brought me new family, my love,
and helped others from their old shell
as they see you stumble, my love,
they try to help and make things well.
I’ll always be beside you, my love,
in everything you try and do.
The lessons we have learnt, my love,
will let us muddle through.
Through you, I have grown, my love,
as you have grown through us.
And all the things I’ve known, my love,
you’re worth a little fuss.
Through you I have strength, my love,
though I still can’t seem to fly;
I’ll always try to shine, my love;
A light to live life by.
I can’t imagine a life alone, my love,
and I hope I’ve made that plain;
you will always have my love,
my amazing Tamberlane.

I really want to know what the deal with Follybrook is because there are very few reasons I can imagine that justify the level of disrespect the Tagg and Danger seem to be getting. If nothing else it would seem their world isn’t just acceptance and tolerance all around, which is good for the story atleast.

this is taking foreverrrr. if there’s no payoff about this other place and why everyone hates them, it’s bad storytelling.

So we know the Envoy is from Folly brook and their only allowed in once a year. Also the locals don’t seem to like them very much. Granted one does look like a delinquent, but if it’s just because this envoy is from another town then there’s obviously a bigger and deeper issue here. 🤔

Enemies? No, can’t be. Why accept an envoy from hostile territory?

Some old Bad Blood maybe?

Tagg. Finger. Joints. Hospital.

*GASP* Not Abroad!!!

Is that worse than Follybrook?

As far as the audience is concerned – not a clue. All I’ve heard of it is Piper’s Dad boasting about how his ship sailed close to it, and Piper and her brother freaked out. “Why would you go there? You promised!” “You didn’t see any sea monsters?” So all we know is that it’s there, and it’s seen as a forbidden, dangerous place. In the next few pages we may find out why.

Under the normal definition of “abroad” then BLOODY DUH!! but “Abroad means something else to these folks than to us. and we STILL don’t know why its so scary or why people don’t care for follybrook.

I’m sensing Follybrook is about a clash between traditional and modern cultures, one so severe the two lands don’t wish to see or speak to each other. (Which, admittedly, is much more sensible than all-out war.)

Abroad? There’s nothing to go on. My wacky headcanon, however, says we MAY actually be looking at a post-apocalyptic world, and Abroad is where said apocalypse happened, which they’re aware of on some level.

After reading this page I’m getting the feeling to that this takes place In a post apocalyptic world to. You might be onto something which explains two things. 1 if abroad was the central location of whatever happens and there were a few humans that survived underground or something can explain were taken came from. 2 Follybrook may incorporate lost tech in there culture. Which the others consider taboo, this also works with Taggs statement a few pages back about this being a backwards hellhole to them.

That could be a big reason they don’t want to talk to Follybrook. Follybrook is visiting and messing around with Abroad against their neighbors’ wishes, and now that’s having consequences.

It’s looking more and more like the world once belonged to humans, they did something wicked bad and nearly wiped themselves out, but now they’re starting to come back…and IF that’s true, they’re already in Treehollow’s backyard, because there’s no way Tamberlane got there on her own.

But, as always, it could be elaborate misdirection…

Please, Tamberlane, ask them what “abroad” is

Yes, please, I don’t think we’ll find out otherwise.

The adults haven’t explained what Abroad is because everyone already knows. Saying something like “Abroad is a desert full of bones and mutated monsters” would be like saying “The sky is blue”. So someone who doesn’t know would have to ask about it to clue in the audience.

Or they could just tell her “Not now sweetie, when you’re older.”

So is Abroad a place, location, or somewhere beyond Treehallow? The way their phrasing it is a little unspecific?

It wouldn’t really hurt Claude if he just considered their theory instead of just straight up dismissing it as nothing. It’s the closest thing to any possible information he’s got in months. Stop being a stubborn old coyote acting as if they’re wasting your time when you’re really wasting theirs, act like a scientist and research this theory whether it’s true or not.

This page tells a lot about the world where Tamberlane is located and it makes me think about the world in general.
Though I am not sure about theory that this world belonged to Humans once, there would be evidence about that (fossilized remains, runs….etc).
What I am thinking about is that this world is parallel to Human world and as Humans curiosity knows no Limits, they may have done something on their end and both realms somehow linked (missing Creatures, quarantine….appearance of new species never seen before)…..Black Mesa anyone?

I’m not familiar with Black Mesa, but that would also describe Fringe. Good theory!

Black Mesa is a place where first Half Life took place, basically it was a Military Base in Nevada Desert that was repurposed to a Science Facility to study Exotic Matter…..well what happen when you put a lot of electricity trough Crystal you have no idea what it is made out of…….Good Case Scenario: Big Bang, Bad Case Scenario: You open hole to another universe…..and that is what happened.
Well if some of “Human Reality” slips into Tamberlane’s what worst can happen? (Now I imagined angry Human army ravaging a land)……ok maybe Tamberlane’s world is not so safe…..

If anyone hasn’t gotten the hint that the characters were straight up english despite the amount of english slang used, Tagg pretty much just flipped Oakewood off with two fingers; the british version of the middle finger. This entire world is like BBC where everyone is british no matter the race, or species in this occasion.

On my list of things I’d like to see an answer to in this comic, in reverse order: 1) Abroad? Where is it, exactly? Oakewood’s statement makes me think Abroad is another region (possibly another island) among the island(s) he refers to there. The name of the place makes things frustratingly vague, since “abroad” can be used in general to mean “outside of the country the speaker and listener are in”. Can we get a world map at some point? 2) Obviously Tamberlane is human, and therefore one would assume she is the product of a pair of humans, and one could assume that there /is/ a human population (somewhere)…but the plot basically revolves around the mystery in-world of her species and origins, which would indicate humans are an unknown. I’d like to see whether some of the other commenters are right and the world used to be populated by humans and isn’t so much anymore. 3) How Oakewood got those notches in his ears. It’s been bugging me. They don’t just happen like that. There /has/ to be a story there.

With Abroad being capitalized it’s clearly a specific place rather than a general ‘not here’. And a place treated with great suspicion.

Well, yes. I was just saying that from a writing standpoint choosing that word for the name of the location is a clever way to keep it mysterious. First time someone in the comic mentioned ‘Abroad’ (Tess, I believe, when Tamberlane was first found) I’d thought it was because Treehollow was an insular region/nation distrustful of the Outside World in general, making “Abroad” a general location of fear and mystery. That thought was in keeping with the next time the name was used, by the black cat guy (whose name is eluding me right now) to “scare his bairns”. Sure, it’s been capitalized this whole time, but up until now I’d thought that was the author trying to keep its nature mysterious to us readers the way it seems to be mysterious to the characters in-world.

Facts established: Treehollow and Follybrook are neighboring islands. Abroad is just one of many lands outside the islands.

Theory confirmed: Treehollow follows a more traditional culture, Follybrook follows a more progressive culture, and they do NOT like each other. Oakewood’s “Get that metal out of your face!” is oozing with contempt.

Wacky headcanon: If Tagg (and apparently other characters) are using British slang, and perhaps if Walter and Briar speak Russian, then “our islands” might be what once was the United Kingdom and Ireland. And Abroad might be what once was America, which could certainly be the epicenter of a cataclysmic event right now.

When was it established that they’re neighboring islands? Is there sommat you miss if you archive-binge the comic? Cos I don’t recall any characters explicitly laying down a geography lesson or showing us a map where this stuff is mentioned. I’m just wondering what I’ve not seen/read here that explained that all, cos it seems like I’m missing sommat

You’d think if nothing else, they’d run out of breath, or ruined their throats, by now. Just one NFL game sometimes gave me a rough voice by game’s end, and that’s without yelling for the whole game. These two have been going at it much longer, and constantly.

Maybe it should be Oakewood’s next scientific exploration: how they can go that strong for that long.

I appreciate the detail of their hackles raising! XD

It’s weird how Tess became pretty docile when she’s yelled at by her biological daughter yet not by Belfry.

Talking about biological relatives, I think we have only seen a maximum of two ‘species’ represented in one person. (Species may be a misnomer as they all appear to be capable of interbreeding, although it’s worth noting that early ancestors of modern humans interbred with neanderthals ).

Different anthropomorphic species in Tamberlane routinely have different dietary requirements which suggests that there are fundamental genetic differences between them. (Can bird / bat antro-species fly? I don’t remember either way). With humans the difference between ‘races’ are both superficial on the cosmetic level and the race labels used do not correspond at all well to the small genetic differences that actually exist. Tamberlane ‘species’ are probably more significant and accurately defined than that.

The question that comes to my mind is why anthro-species are so distinct despite existing in close proximity? There are two likely possibilities that come to mind:
* They have only been in close proximity for a short period of time. One or two hundred years at most. Before then they either did not exist, or lived in geographically separated locations (islands) or had strong societal differences between them (were at war).
* The animal characteristics of each ‘species’ originates from fundamental genetics. If you look at gender, most humans are either XX (and female) or XY (and male). Unusual variations exist, but do not get passed down to later generations genetically. So you could imagine that Walter could have DD (deer) genetics, Tess has BB (badger) genetics and Briar has BD (badger/deer) genetics. If this is the case then Belfry probably does not have a little bit of squirrel genetics expressing themselves in her makeup or she is one of the quirky unusual cases like XXY and XYY syndromes in human beings.

I had developed a setting once where the anthros could interbreed because it was just their phenotype that changed but the underlying genotype was actually pretty similar. Generally I worked it out so that the child of mixed parents would look like the mother’s species but carry over traits of the father like coloration, horns or antlers, or whatever. I suspect something similar is going on here.

it is sad and awesome when the only adult present is the youngest person there. Briar is taking this well in hand (paw?) I don’t think her threat to dunk them in the frying oil is idle. she has decided that this thing between belfry and “mum” has gone on way to long and has to end. NOW. she isn’t going to accept anything less then a start to negotiations to resolve this. she stated her case . “Mum” belfry has adopted Tam. period . you have a Grand-daughter. get used to it and help belfry deal with it. Belfry. ‘Mum” is much older and wiser then you . so stop being an I know everything ass and use her wisdom for your and tams benefit. . you will get along or I will hurt you both. we are all family and family looks out for family. stop being buttheads.

Well given that, up till now, all Tess has had to say on the Tamberlane matter is that Belfry should abandon her, I’d say Belfry is fairly justified in not wanting to listen to her Mom.

But since that is off the table for Tess, what with Briar telling her to stop being an ass about it, she may finally have something decent to say on the subject.

I think I know where Tess is about to go. If I am right she is going to say. Tam didn’t just pop out of the ground. there has to be others like her. if they come looking for her. They will have to give her back. they can’t keep a kit from it’s parents. And being in love with her is going to tear their hearts out if they have to return her. now this may never happen But the Maybe will always be hanging over them. Belfrys case was different. they were sure she was and orphan. She needed someone to take her on forever. with Tam there’s that big MAYBE someone will show up wanting her back.

All good points. However, there’s no guarantee the parents will ever show up, or are even still alive. Until then, they have a duty to raise Tam to the best of their ability.

Which I totally agree. They do as thinking caring beings need to raise Tam. My post was from Tess point of view. She’s thinking of protecting HER kit. Belfry, from the possibility of pain from having to give Tam back. She isn’t thinking About Tam or what’s the right thing to do. She Thinking it’s a totally bad idea to become attached. That Tam should be raised in a orphanage ( if they have such a thing.) Or someplace that won’t cause any of her family possible pain. She isn’t seeing the Belfry either way . Is determined to keep and raise tam as he own. Even if she at some point does have to give her back. The risk of pain is more then worth the reward of the love she get from this awesome little kit. belfry all in. Tess just has to get on board cause Belfry isn’t giving in on this.

Piper and Anthony know what Abroad is. Their Dad and his crew know what Abroad is. Milo and Oakewood know what Abroad is. The Corgis know what Abroad is. Tess and Belfry know what Abroad is. Everyone knows what Abroad is except us!!

Well, Imma take a guess. We’ve mostly been assuming that the tech level you see is the tech level you get, and that the reason there are a bunch of anthropomorphic isn’t going to be directly explained any time soon.

So what if ‘Abroad’ is full of super technologically advanced humans. Perhaps a few centuries back there were only human-humans on the planet but there was a split between those who wanted to further advance technology and those who wanted to ‘go back to nature’. The back to nature group took on gene-mods to give them animal-like features as a statement of intent. Eventually there was enough trouble between the two groups that they were separated, the back-to-nature group being given a few artificial islands to live on as they wished. Without any technology they relapsed quickly into a ‘dark age’ that they are only recently recovering from. What happened before and who lives ‘abroad’ is clouded with mystery and superstition.

This ties into the corgis and the way they are shunned by the others. As ‘man’s best friend’ the dog anthropomorphs were the closest of the splinter groups to the original humans and they remain somewhat in touch with ‘abroad’. If Tamberlane is taken Abroad then she would be tarred in the same way and no longer be welcome back.

We can infer that it’s anything outside of the local archipelago of islands. Apparently it’s considered extremely dangerous, very much in a “here there be monsters” sense. What reason everyone has for believing this, and how much of that reasoning is based on hard information, remain to be seen.

Moving further into the realm of speculation, I’d say Abroad is where humans live… and that the history of their relations with the various anthropomorphs is not a pleasant one.

This objection to keeping Tamberlane seems very odd to me. It’s such a strange situation to hold as a primary concern. Wouldn’t “we don’t know who/what Tamberlane’s kin are, and they could return for her at any time” be a much more obvious fear to come to mind?
I wouldn’t even imagine medicine compatibility until Tamberlane fell Ill.

This page just seems a bit contrived IMO, is all.

She’s explaining that her fears are NOT about Tamberlane. They’re about Belfry. Belfry, who won’t abandon Tam – and Tess knows it – may have to face the evils of abroad ALONE and she’s a disaster even around a place she’s known all her life. Tess believes that, whatever her intentions, Belfry won’t be able to cope.

I think it’s very practical.

1: Tam’s biology is different to the point where they don’t even know *what* she is, so they would have no idea what to do if she got sick. Each species in this world probably has unique medical requirements, so realising tam would be biologically unique as well isn’t that much of a stretch. We have enough trouble with medicine for humans, imagine a whole new species.

2: the only place to go for the treatment is “abroad”

3: it seems like even the act of going “abroad” is enough to turn you into an outcast, hence the colorful characters from the previous scene.

4: Belfery is totally crazy enough to do that if tam got sick.

5: Belfery is probably crazy enough to do untold other dangerous things for her daughter

I think she may NOT be worried about that, as odd species diversity is something that seems more familiar among the characters/easily dealt with to a lot of the residents and adoption seems more common. I’m thinking “weird medical issues” is a common worry to a lot of parents, especially with kids with unfamiliar situations. Parents who find out their kid is going to be special needs tend to have the same sort of thought process.

Why would a small countryside have a council and why are we just hearing about this council now? Also, why and when has Tess been apart of this council?

Tj, my friend, EVERY village, town, shire and county has a council to ‘look after’ things and organise events and works.. Generally the populace doesn’t know the council member (unless they’re neighbours) and Tess hasn’t really been forefront in the strip until now.

And one vote for won’t carry the Council, Belfry. Even if it’s a fighting member.

We haven’t heard about the council or Tess’ involvement with it until now because it hasn’t been relevant until now, and revealing world details organically as they become important to the story is just good writing. It’s the same reason we still know so little about Abroad; every character that’s talked about it already knows what Abroad is, and so far there hasn’t been a situation where it would make sense for them to stop everything and explain it.

This plot is getting thicker than pea soup.

Going Abroad for a legitimate reason makes you a pariah…going for an illegitimate reason makes you a traitor.

The Corgis have been Abroad for trading, so they’ve been labelled pariahs in Treehollow,

The older generations view this as a very serious matter. The younger generations scoff at it being old fashioned. The youngest generation gets scared out of their wits, probably because of what the older generations tell them.

And it looks like other readers were correct…Abroad is a place with advanced medicine and technology.

Where exactly that came from in the first place, and why the adults in Treehollow are so afraid of it, remains to be seen.

Maybe it has something to do with that plague that went around at the time of Belfy’s birth? If contact with Abroad was made around that time, a disease they were not ready for might have jumped ship and caused an epidemic. This would give a reason both for the isolation and why people can’t come back from there; quarantine. If you get permission first (and are kept in quarantine afterwards, probably) you can in theory go there, but many people will never really trust you not to have picked up something.

I believe I came here a long time ago … I first commented as a guy named, Travis. Coming back here after so long … I still love this amazing, beautiful, touching and fantastic comic this truly is. Keep up the good work!! This has gotten me out of some depressing times from how amazing it truly is!! This may seem a bit strange, however, I wanted to share this with you. If there is anything you think I should change … let me know.

I had to share my support in some way, until I start by becoming a patron supporter


I don’t know about everyone else but the longer it takes to reveal what “Abroad” is the crazier I hope the twist is. I imagine that’s a tricky part with pacing, if you give in too early you spoil all the tension and wonder, alternatively if you keep it up too long the audience becomes so over it that finding out the truth is anticlimactic no matter what.

Strange how no one but Tess even bothered to tell Belfry about any of the consequences of going Abroad. Claude makes sense as he’s obviously not a big fan of fear mongering, but what’s Walter’s excuse? Why does everyone in this village persist on hiding important information from Belfry?!

– People from Follybrook are only alloud once in a Year.
– Who goes Abroad getting baned.
I may missing somthing but it seems to me, that its either somting politcal, or the Rulers of Silver Sage are a bit scared of Strangers, maybe even xenophobic.

Without knowing more about Abroad, I’m unsure how to take this. Is Abroad really that terrible? Is the Council just old and stupid? Both?

If I were Belfry, I’d return to where Tamberlane was found to look for clues about where she came from, and perhaps take Abroad out of the equation. I haven’t read ALL of it yet, so she may have already done this.

Nobody wants to loose Belfry and with that said I feel for her mother. Without knowing what abroad is it is hard to form a whole opinion on this situation, however, I can only assume it is bad with what I have been fed. This was a very quick read but I enjoy every page, even the simple ones. ”

Can’t wait to see what happens next!!

I wonder if the reason that Belfry’s biological parents never came back for her was that they went Abroad in search of a cure and were banned from returning.

Good theory actually, however, there is no way to tell yet. I really do like the idea of it being a possibility and I am glad to know I was not the only one thinking this. I just never put it in a comment

You know, it’s occurred to me that everyone is thinking about this “abroad” thing in the context of our world, but the subtitle for this comic is (or at least was) “A Countryside Jungle Book”. So… “going abroad” is an analog for “killing man”? Or “crossing the river” carries a steeper price.

if that were the case, why would the corgis suggest Tamberlane is FROM abroad?

whoever made that rule is stupid lol
in other things, a lot would’ve been fixed earlier if badgermom had just said this in the first place, so she’s pretty dumb too for causing a bunch of issues. it’s like in anime when people say “nothing’s wrong” when the world is ending.

Huh. Someday, it’ll be nice to get a look at Abroad so we can find out what this whole banishment thing is about. Hopefully there’s a *good* reason people are discouraged from coming back from there and it’s not just people freaking out because it’s weird and creepy or whatever.

Granted, there’s a distinct chance it’s where Tamberlane came from, and (assuming she’s human and not some other mostly-naked pink mammal) we humans do have a tendency to muck things up rather badly…

Also hoping we won’t be seeing Abroad because Belfry (or anybody, really) got banished there, but hey, conflict’s gotta come from somewhere.

Is “Belfy” in the last panel a nickname or a typo?

Count my vote in Column B.

the transcript (why do we even have those?) has an R so it’s a typo

Stop the presses! There is a god in this world!

I hope you feel better and your backside gets well. I will miss the comic but your health is important so till you come back I will just reread the old pages. Have a quick recovery. I will not stop being a fan of this comic. Been watching you from page 3 when a friend showed me the comic. Get well soon

Oh, jeez. Hope your gaping surgery hole heals up on schedule — absolutely no part of that sounds any fun.

Well, at least you *do* get a cool medical story out of it that you can gross people out with. Of course, I come from a line of nurses, so my opinion on what’s cool might be a little skewed…

You are awesome and making a great thing, any good fans will totally be patient especially in face of such hardships, so don’t worry about us. Take your time and get fully healthy, don’t do anything you don’t have to, to endanger that. If people like me can wait on something like Hunter x Hunter (aka King of Hiatus), we can wait for a far superior artist and bard(you, in case you had any doubt).

Get healthy and happy and as pain free as you can, we’ll keep an eye out for your return to glory!

ooooff, yikes. I’ve had it too, though not as bad. Never had to get surgery, just have it lanced a few times in the doctor’s office. For now, years later, it seems to be back in proper order. I definitely couldn’t sit properly and I’ve been through the antibiotics (though a reaction to them too? that’s cruel). I even had a little blow up innertube to sit on like a donut sometimes, otherwise I couldn’t sit at all. That was especially fun when a different abscess appeared on my bootie with MRSA and I got a call from the lab saying they had to up my meds to some special sauce.

Point is, I know that pain and even if I didn’t I’d still want you to rest and get better all the same. Heck, if you need a random stranger to commiserate with on the internet I’d be happy to help and can promise my medical background means I’ll be unphased.

Get well soon!! Take it easy until you do.

Oh gosh. That sounds incredibly uncomfortable. I hope your butt gets better soon and you have a full recovery!!! >_< Just binged the whole thing. I absolutely adore this webcomic. This is why I normally don't read comics, as they go on for years with slow updates and basically never finish. So yeah, this was the first page I read!

Something to look into when you’re feeling up to it, page 175 seems to have been usurped by the break page, not even the email link to it works.
That aside, ouch! That sounds like a terrible bother, great to see your hubby is helping you through this, and I hope you heal up permanently soon!

I’ve been looking at a lot of tutorials for drawing all sorts of things and why some artists exclude certain details like four fingers or multiple people in a shot and I’ve come to a conclusion that you put a silly amount of effort into this. Thank you. I would give you money but I am poor right now. One day I shall return with a thank you tip for the silly and slightly unnecessary detail you put into your work.

I sincerely hope you are fully recovered from your difficult time. Your tales are a joy to behold and I’ve looked forward to seeing them since I discovered Tamberlane some time ago. Please take care of yourself, and please continue to thrill and enthrall us with your talented storytelling and colorful artwork!

Where are they getting the batteries for that thing if it’s been 576 years?

OH! So it’s NOT a “Humans and animals evolved into sapience at the same time.” type of situation but more like “A group of animals got separated, evolved and now are getting reintroduced to humans.”?

I actually like that. Up until now I thought that we were earlier on in history and human society is just on the brink of industrialization or something, but now it seems that we might even be in the future! Heck, maybe the whole “human sized anthropomorphic animals” thing is also just some genetics experiment that got out of hand and animals broke free.

NOW I’m excited again! 😀

So, it seems humans were perceived as the enemy, there could be many reasons why this is just going by what alot of more…A-moral individuals do but this makes it seem like they were trying to gain independence, were they recently achieving sentience and wanted to become a sovereign state, or maybe they were something akin to refugees from a unknown land….or there is the option of this ancient story being a lie of sorts, victory is also written by the victor