Get a Kid Character Cameo in Tamberlane!

Get a Kid Character Cameo in Tamberlane!

Published on by Caytlin Vilbrandt.

EDIT: The spot has been bought at the autobuy price! If there is still interest, I will look for more opportunities in the future to do YCH auctions!

I'm auctioning off a "Your Character Here" cameo in Tamberlane! Ordinarily I'd fill this spot with one of my Patreon cameos, but no one has opted yet for a kid-aged character. So the opportunity is now available to folks who don't necessarily donate to my Patreon!

For more information on how to bid, see this link! I'm conducting it over Twitter because that seemed the most sensible option for me at the time. (Be gentle; I've never done this before!)

Auction ends at 12pm PST on March 2nd!