Alternative to Patreon

Alternative to Patreon

Published on by Caytlin Vilbrandt.

There's been a big kerfuffle about Patreon's new fee structure, which I wrote about here. As a result of all this, I've been looking for a good, simple alternative for my lower tiers and I've come up with a good stopgap solution!

You can now find ways to support Tamberlane here, including recurring PayPal payments!

Unfortunately, the problem of it charging on the anniversary of your payment is still there, but at least the fees are better! 

I haven't tested the system yet so expect that it'll be kind of in Beta for a bit while we work out the kinks. It won't replace Patreon entirely because there are a lot of perks Patreon offers in functionality. However, it's a good option for the meantime and maybe it'll grow into something over time!

If it works well and there's enough demand (and if I can figure out reward distribution), I'll expand it to the higher tiers as well.

Have a good one, you guys!