☙ Events for 2021 ❧

Vancoufur Virtual Con: March 6-7

Vancoufur is Canada's West Coast convention held in beautiful British Columbia. Filled with a diverse amount of creative writing, art, and other hobby related panels, Vancoufur offers an amazing opportunity to be your furry self all while offering the gorgeous sights of the city of Vancouver. Our fursuit parade, dances with community DJs, games, and friendly furries await you for tons of fun!

We welcome our attendees to come and enjoy a virtual convention, March 6-7th featuring a preview 'Beta' of our EvfurQuest MMO theme and a taste of the events, panels, and excitement we hope to bring to our next in-person convention when it is safe to do so (currently projected to be 2022).

How can I attend a Virtual Convention?

With Covid being what it is, physical conventions are on hiatus... but that doesn't mean the fun has to end! To attend Vancoufur's virtual convention, you will have to acquire registration through their website to gain access to the Vancoufur 2021 Discord Server. On March 6th and 7th, all sorts of awesome livestreamed events will start up, as well as amazing discounts at the shops from the Dealer Hall! Chat with other attendees, play games, get commissions, and shop around. And best of all, spend some time connecting with other folks like you!

For Vancoufur, I will be offering sketch commissions during my streams!

These commissions will only be available to patrons and attendees at Vancoufur. I will be taking roughly 4-8 slots each day. This depends on the level of finish people are requesting, as well as the number of requests and how my health is doing that day. I'll try to take and finish as many as I can!

March 6th, 1pm - 4pm PT
March 7th, 1pm - 4pm PT

🔴 Read the TOS
Contains terms of service, the process, and important information about what I will and won't draw!

🟠 Fill Out the Form
Slots are not guaranteed!
The secret phrase is ... on the #tamberlane channel in the Vancoufur Discord!

🟢 Watch the Stream
You don't need to commission to watch!

Unless you are a $50+ Patron, you must be present during the stream to get your commission.

Available Styles

Please note: all prices are in USD.
Prices marked by 🟠 are for $25+ Patrons. Those marked by 🔷 are for $100+ Patrons.

🌿 Doodle ($35 // 🟠 $29 // 🔷 $26)
A quick sketch that captures most of a character. Very limited detail and pretty messy overall.

🌿 Sketch ($55 // 🟠 $46 // 🔷 $41)
A bit more refined than a Doodle, a Sketch covers a little more detail and fixes some of the vaguer shapes and focuses more on accurate detail.

🌿 Cleaned Sketch ($75 // 🟠 $63 // 🔷 $56)
This focuses on smoother lines and attention to overall detail, with more time spent on polish.

Curious what the different styles look like? There are labeled examples on the Form linked in the previous section!

Select items are 30% off shopwide for Vancoufur!

Check Out the Shop!

My shop may be located in the USA,
but you can switch the currency to CAD, GBP, or EUR!

Plus, for the duration of Vancoufur, all shipping is free on orders $40+!, including shipping outside of the USA! Find the code on the #tamberlane channel of the Vancoufur Discord!

Want to Support the Comic?

Monetary support of Tamberlane goes toward our rent and bills, purchasing merchandise to sell in the shop, and paying my assistants to help me out with the nitty gritty of keeping this operation going. As the Patreon grows, I hope to hire some talented folks to help me with the actual production of the comic so that I can get pages out faster.

However, money is far from the only way to support Tamberlane! Sharing the comic with your friends is the number one way to help out. Comments, words of support, fanart and other fanworks, and even just speculating on the story are wonderful, wonderful things that help keep me going when the creative fuel tank is low.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the patience and support you've lent me over the years. You guys rock!

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