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Warmth, Page 4

Posted on
June 2, 2021

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Author's Notes:

Today's comic is written by me and drawn by Leah Briere for the Chapter 3 book. Go check out her comic at and support her Patreon for lots more wonderful content!

Tamberlane is currently on break until I have 10 pages of buffer! Want to keep track of what's being worked on? You can check out the Tamberlane Team's Airtable here, which has the status of a bunch of pages for ya! This will continue to be maintained after the break (just like it existed before the break, but I never thought to share it XD)

Thanks for your patience! Pledge $5 or more for content in the meantime, and to watch me work on pages during the weekday.


BELFRY: Briar!
BELFRY: Um... I made you something.
BRIAR: What is it??

BELFRY: A scarf!
BELFRY: So you won't get as cold.
BELFRY: It's a bit big... oops.

BELFRY: I know I'm not your REAL sister...
BELFRY: ... but I still love you.
BRIAR: Thank you, Belfee!

WALTER: Of course you're her real sister.
WALTER: Don't ever think otherwise.

WALTER: You're our little gift.
WALTER: We'll always love you.

BELFRY: Briar!
BELFRY: Ähm... Ich hab was für dich gemacht.
BRIAR: Für mich??
BRIAR: Was ist es??

BELFRY: Ein Schal!
BELFRY: Damit dir nicht mehr so kalt wird.
BELFRY: Er ist etwas groß... ups.

BELFRY: Ich weiss, ich bin nicht deine ECHTE Schwester...
BELFRY: ... aber ich hab dich trotzdem lieb.
BRIAR: Dankeschön, Belfee!

WALTER: Natürlich bist du ihre echte Schwester.
WALTER: Denk niemals was anderes.

WALTER: Du bist unser kleiner Schatz.
WALTER: Wir werden dich immer liebhaben.

BELFRY: Briar!
BELFRY: Hã... Eu fiz uma coisa pra você.
BRIAR: O que é??

BELFRY: Um cachecol!
BELFRY: Pra você não ficar tão fria.
BELFRY: É um pouco grande... oops.

BELFRY: Eu sei que eu não sou REALMENTE sua irmã...
BELFRY: ... mas eu ainda te amo.
BRIAR: Obrigada, Belfi!

WALTER: Claro que você é realmente a irmã dela.
WALTER: Nunca mais pense de outra forma.

WALTER: Você é nosso presentinho.
WALTER: Nós vamos sempre te amar.


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