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Warmth, Page 2

Posted on
May 19, 2021

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Author's Notes:

Today's comic is written by me and drawn by Leah Briere for the Chapter 3 book. Go check out her comic at and support her Patreon for lots more wonderful content!

Tamberlane is currently on break until I have 10 pages of buffer! Want to keep track of what's being worked on? You can check out the Tamberlane Team's Airtable here, which has the status of a bunch of pages for ya! This will continue to be maintained after the break (just like it existed before the break, but I never thought to share it XD)

Thanks for your patience! Pledge $5 or more for content in the meantime, and to watch me work on pages during the weekday.


WALTER: Ahh, you're only in kit fluff!
WALTER: You must be freezing, Briochka.

BELFRY: I shouldn't say mean things about her.
BELFRY: She's only four...

BELFRY: What if she gets so cold she DIES?

BELFRY: I don't want my baby sister to die!
BELFRY: I'm gonna fix this!

WALTER: Ahh, du hast noch dein Kinderfell!
WALTER: Du frierst doch bestimmt, Briochka.

BELFRY: Ich sollte nicht so gemein von ihr reden.
BELFRY: Sie ist gerade mal vier...

BELFRY: Was, wenn ihr so kalt wird, dass sie stirbt?

BELFRY: Ich will nicht, dass meine kleine Schwester stirbt!
BELFRY: Ich kümmer mich darum!

WALTER: Ahh, você só tem pelo de filhote!
WALTER: Você deve estar congelando, Briochka.

BELFRY: Eu não deveria falar coisas malvadas sobre ela.
BELFRY: Ela só tem quatro anos...

BELFRY: E se ela ficar tão fria que ela MORRER?

BELFRY: Eu não quero que minha irmã mais nova morra!
BELFRY: Eu vou consertar isso!


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