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Treehollow Calendar Year

Posted on
January 4, 2023

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Author's Notes:

I'm SO SORRY I didn't post anything last week; I've had some major pain flare going on. (Treatment has made it better than it would have been, for sure, but it still sucks >:x ) I had a really hard time thinking far enough outside my bubble to get something arranged, but things are dying down now I hope!

Either way, here, have a calendar! New Years for them is in the Spring, with Springearly starting on the Equinox! Maybe at some point I'll take a crack at making a day converter for y'all. (Or if someone else does, I will share it around??)

And doubly happy, I'm sure you're all relieved: Tamberlane IS RETURNING next week! I had my last treatment for the time being yesterday! I will be back in the saddle and kicking ass momentarily.

Thank you again for all of your patience!! I can't wait to continue sharing our story with you!

EDIT: Oh man. This is what comes of me copy-pasting stuff from our current story bible project without actually reading
it lmao. The "each season has 3 months of 28 days" is where I started developing from, and then over time came down on the
chart listed below. So the chart is correct. My bad lol!

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