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Star Warriors Guest Comic

Posted on
May 5, 2021

Tags: Guest comic

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Author's Notes:

(If you're one of the lucky few who caught the erroneous Page 260 update...lucky you! It wasn't supposed to go out yet! ;D)

I know I said Tamberlane would be back today but I LIED! axolawltl will get their wish: I'm keeping Tamberlane on hold for a bit longer.

Basically, I'm taking this time to get my buffer up and, well, BUFF. My plan is to get up to 10 pages in the buffer before I come back. Right now I think there are 4 pages that are flatted and another 1 page that's inked, and the rest are scripted. (Taking a page from flats to finished is about half an hour to an hour of work, so, easy!) That way I'll have a nice big strong backlog of pages while I keep working ahead. It seems the main roadblock besides health is painting backgrounds, so that'll give me lots of time to be able to do that and try and work ahead on those as well.

ANYWAY. I suspect it'll be back on May 18th, but if I haven't reached my buffer by then, it'll be longer! But rest assured, I have some guest content for you.

This isn't exactly guest content, since I drew it as a guest artist for Scott of Star Warriors last month! (It was also written by Ari "Metajoker" Borhanian, new cowriter for Tamberlane!) Go check out Scott's comic about the mysterious powers of the universe that grant wishes!

After this, there's a four-page comic called Warmth that Leah Briere did for the Chapter 3 book. I'll post a page a week of that, but if it looks like I'm coming back, you'll just get extra updates that week to finish out the comic :D

Anyway, thanks for understanding! If you want to keep an eye on Tamberlane content in the meantime, I'm pretty chatty on the Foxglove Comics Discord, where other comic fans (including Tamberlane fans!) hang out. I also will be posting finished pages as always to the $10+ folks on the Patreon.

And finally, for the foreseeable future, there's gonna be this little banner beneath the posts, talking about my friend's daughter and asking for a few bucks to make her last year as awesome as it can be. Check it out below. Thanks all!


Across the endless universe, No matter who you are,
You've dreamt of something in your heart and wished upon a star.

To be what other asked of you

To bring back what is gone

To find the truth

To find yourself

Be happy,

And belong.

And though we're here to guide your wish to make your dream come true...
Sometimes the only thing you need...

Already lives in you.

Pelo infinito universo, Não importa quem você seja,
Você sonhou alguma coisa no seu coração e fez um desejo para uma estrela.

Para ser o que outros querem de você

Para trazer de volta o que se foi

Para achar a verdade

Para se achar

Ser feliz,

E pertencer.

E mesmo que estamos aqui para guiar seu desejo para seu sonho acontecer...
Ás vezes a única coisa que você precisa...

Já mora em você.


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