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Artfight! Poppy's New Friend

Posted on
July 5, 2023

Chapter: Chapter 5

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Author's Notes:

In between work on pages and Patreon and getting caught up with Kickstarter duties, I'm sneaking in attacks on ArtFight ! ArtFight is an annual art trade game that happens during the month of July where you win points for your team by "attacking" (drawing art of) characters from the other team. I've never done it before because I'm always busy, and this year is no exception. But I wanted to take the time to do it anyway. I love doing art for other people, and it's fun to squish it into my schedule when I'm watching TV or laid up with lower body pain.

Anyway, this attack is on Imalou's character, Poppy! I've always wanted to do some art for Imalou, so I'm happy to snag the chance. If any of y'all want to see my ArtFight profile, have at!

See you guys next week -- I'm so excited for July 26th to come; I can't wait to shower you guys in new pages!

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