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YEAH, LEAD WITH THAT, GAWD KITTY CATFE CHARITY STREAM EVENT!! 01/07/19-01/12/019 The Kitty Catfe is in trouble and needs our help! Located in Edmonds, WA, this local cat cafe-slash-shelter needs to find a new space before February. With moving comes sudden moving costs, and we want to help the process go smoothly! With your contributions,… Continue reading Page 171


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Tess? The irresponsible one? Whodathunk. Thank you to today’s Patreon cameos: Timmothy, the meerkat, from TimmoWarner! Bleddyn, the wolf, from Dorian Inman! Honey, the bunny, from Ashley Nichols! You can get your own Patreon cameo through, well, Patreon! All $50+ patrons get to show up in the comic and say a few words 😀

Merry Christmas — and Happy Wulfnacht!

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Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and to everyone a Happy Wulfnacht! There’s a cute little comic available for all patrons about Wulfnacht, what it is, and how it’s celebrated, which you can check out here. In the meantime, I hope you all have a warm and loving holiday season and I look forward to… Continue reading Merry Christmas — and Happy Wulfnacht!