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Whoops! Callie got blindsided! Piper is asking the hard-hitting questions. Continued thanks for the Patreon cameos: Cur, from Chaon! Callie, from Zaukodar! Jentzen, from CrookedGlasses! Jonas, from Jonas! Kira, from Ashley Nichols! The CHAPTER 3 KICKSTARTER is on its way, ready to launch on a SECRET DAY in August!!! Packed full of fun goodies and… Continue reading Page 185


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More questions, and some more questions, and still more questions! CrookedGlasses’s Jentzen the cheetahwolf has finally been able to make a more substantial appearance. Yay! There’s a bunch of text edits I wanted to make but honestly, it’ll just have to happen for print. Cut me some slack, I am very tired Anyway, thanks also… Continue reading Page 187


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Intrigue and conspiracy! :3c Thank you as always to Chaon for Cur, Zaukodar for Callie, Ashley Nichols for Kira, and CrookedGlasses for Jentzen! BWOOP BWOOP! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! BWOOP BWOOP! The CHAPTER 3 TAMBERLANE KICKSTARTER is now LIVE! If you’re looking for a beautiful printed copy of any of the three chapters so… Continue reading Page 188


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OOOOH SNAP. The glove has come OFF. Thanks as usual to Zaukodar for lending me Callie, CrookedGlasses for lending me Jentzen, Chaon for lending me Cur, and Ashley Nichols for lending me Kira! Get your own Patreon cameo here! The Kickstarter has been going SWIMMINGLY! We just hit our first stretch goal, some adorable pencil/dice… Continue reading Page 189