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All sorts of cameos in today’s comic! The big one is Sylvia, the tabby/samoyed mix, who is a Patreon cameo! In addition, the mechanic wolf at the top is Dorian, another Patreon cameo! Thanks you guys! Besides that we have Kaylee and Shallari from Anaria , Aria from Envelove, a self-insert of me and my husband, Onnanoko , and of… Continue reading Page 63


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Who’re these new jokers??? CAMEO DELUGE!!! Thank you so much for your support of Tamberlane on the Patreon, you guys! The cowboy-hatted dingo is Diretaco’s Reno The squirrel is MRAMP’s Luna! The mouse is Terri Delgado’s Abby! The wolf is Dorian’s Bleddyn! The otter is Madiso’s Madiso! The german shepherd is John’s John! The punk… Continue reading Page 155


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Tess? The irresponsible one? Whodathunk. Thank you to today’s Patreon cameos: Timmothy, the meerkat, from TimmoWarner! Bleddyn, the wolf, from Dorian Inman! Honey, the bunny, from Ashley Nichols! You can get your own Patreon cameo through, well, Patreon! All $50+ patrons get to show up in the comic and say a few words 😀