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All sorts of cameos in today’s comic! The big one is Sylvia, the tabby/samoyed mix, who is a Patreon cameo! In addition, the mechanic wolf at the top is Dorian, another Patreon cameo! Thanks you guys! Besides that we have Kaylee and Shallari from Anaria , Aria from Envelove, a self-insert of me and my husband, Onnanoko , and of… Continue reading Page 63

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Look at all these Patreon cameos: The little pink kangaroo mouse is Mimfry, patreon cameo of StarshineBeast! The mail squirrel is Aria, patreon cameo of Steve Streza! The deer cameo is Becca, patreon cameo of Specs AK! And the panther cameo is Isaiah, patreon cameo of NoteWorthy! Thanks so much for your support, you guys!!