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YEAH, LEAD WITH THAT, GAWD KITTY CATFE CHARITY STREAM EVENT!! 01/07/19-01/12/019 The Kitty Catfe is in trouble and needs our help! Located in Edmonds, WA, this local cat cafe-slash-shelter needs to find a new space before February. With moving comes sudden moving costs, and we want to help the process go smoothly! With your contributions,… Continue reading Page 171


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And lo, I did take a long time but a beautiful page emerged! Let’s try to do the character list from left to right, top to bottom, shall we? All bolded names are Patreon cameos! Thank you, guys!! Character Guide ROW 1 BENCHES: Viola, Aria (Steve Streza / Abigail Starling), Alahmnat (Alahmnat), Erik (CrosbowROoF), Captain… Continue reading Page 174


Tamberlane Returns April 24th!

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Good news! Thank you all for your patience: Tamberlane resumes regular updates on April 24th! That should give me enough time to recover from my anniversary trip and get back down into the pixel mines. If you haven’t caught up, now’s a good time to do so! And if you want to catch up now,… Continue reading Tamberlane Returns April 24th!


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Tess? The irresponsible one? Whodathunk. Thank you to today’s Patreon cameos: Timmothy, the meerkat, from TimmoWarner! Bleddyn, the wolf, from Dorian Inman! Honey, the bunny, from Ashley Nichols! You can get your own Patreon cameo through, well, Patreon! All $50+ patrons get to show up in the comic and say a few words 😀


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Nothing like some good ol’ fashioned arson to keep things lively! Guess what! If you’ve been after some print copies of chapters 1 and 2, I have some news for you! They are now available in the new shop at Use coupon code HOTDAMN before April 17th to get 10% off your entire order!… Continue reading Page 178