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GASP! Who let all these bats in here?! Here are some new Patreon cameos! The stripey gryphon is Captain Gillian, cameo of Hindae! The two pint-sized bats in the hats are cameos of Lightfox Lowell! I know you said to pick one, but they were both so cute! And finally, the tall purple bat is… Continue reading Page 122

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Peas are what make the world go around, according to Tamberlane “Snapdragon” Belfriton. Also: Jason is a patron cameo of Marco262 (also my husband, who throws his own spending money into my patreon because he’s a big goddamn sweetheart!), and also, gasp???? Who’s that???

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IT’S A BIRDHORSE!!! Milo is D’Archangel’s Patron cameo and all around cutie patootie! Sophie was, in her source material, a big ol’ cross spider; but since I didn’t want to look at reference material, he kindly let me alter her to a moth. c: Thanks darch!