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Welcome to the New Front Page!

Welcome to the New Front Page! published on 2 Comments on Welcome to the New Front Page!

Hey guys! Here’s a little change that’s been coming down the pipe for a little bit. I have been attracting more readers lately who don’t really read webcomics and aren’t exactly familiar with the format, and others who don’t want a big story-heavy spoiler when they navigate to the front page of a new comic.

So I’ve put together this new front page. Your RSS feeds should still function correctly, and if you read comics via bookmark, the Latest link should give you the exact same “homepage” we had before.

In addition, you’ll see a couple of new features on the front page that are upcoming Patreon rewards! Or, well, current Patreon rewards that will be fully implemented soon when I roll out the new Patreon restructuring. All $5+ patrons can submit reviews, and all patrons who have been subbing for 1 year or longer will get their name on the front page!

Hope you guys like the new layout. It’s at least kept me busy while I was laid up. 🙂 See you soon!