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Page 167 published on 18 comments

Briar steps up!

Did you know that I am taking TAMBERLANE CROWD CAMEO COMMISSIONS?! $50 Each! Just a few slots available! Form closes December 6th. Payment due upfront when selected.
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I’m also running a TAMBERLANE CROWD CAMEO RAFFLE!! 3 slots available for cameos in the upcoming crowd scene! To enter: 🌟Follow and RT 🌟Comment your favorite part of @tamberlanecomic! The raffle lasts until 9 am PST, December 6th! Winners will be picked at random and announced on twitter! 😀


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Page 160 published on 17 comments

WHEW!!! This is why there was an extra week of break. There are a lot of cameos in here, so let’s identify them all!

Starting from left to right, we have:

Huni, the bunny, from Ashley Nichols

Hi again Parsley!

Peek, the korean water deer, from PK

The mouse and lion are just random townspeople.

Skelly, the cat (yes, a normal-ass animal), from Stray XIII

Jackie, the jackal-cat, also from Stray XIII

Cur, the jackal-gerboa, from Chaon

Stoker, the bat, from Stoker Bramwell

and Trisha, the marble fox, from Patrick Kingsley.