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Caytlin / Pixel Prism
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Guest Art: Leah Briere!

Guest Art: Leah Briere! published on

Sorry for the brief foray into Guest Art but it is the holidays and I’m trying to cram as much doctor stuff into this month as I can while we have our deductible met. 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy this ADORABLE watercolor painting (it’s physical! I have it in my HANDS!!!) that Leah Briere did of her sweet sheep baby Maggie and Tamberlane having a little fashion fun! Everyone needs flower crowns!

Find her wonderful comic here:

Guest Art: Foxena!

Guest Art: Foxena! published on

This beautiful piece is done by Foxena! I love Tamberlane’s expression here ;o;

You can read her webcomic here:
You can find more of her work here:
She also streams nearly every night and takes fast, quality commissions!

Go give Foxena some love, folks!

Tamberlane will return on the next update day. Thanks for your patience guys — it’ll be well worth it! <3

Guest Comic: Mark!

Guest Comic: Mark! published on

This wonderful comic found its way into my inbox last night! What a great surprise 😀

To see more of his great work, he does a comic of his own! Check it out at Kitfox Comics at It’s an adventure story about a small group of people living in a magical land and fighting against monsters and soldiers.

I really needed that laugh. Thanks, Mark!

Guest Art: Centchi!

Guest Art: Centchi! published on

This is a gorgeous sketch by Centchi! Thank you so much, Centchi!!!
You can see more of her great art here:

Heads up: Tamberlane is gonna take 1 more week to come back, because on top of everything else I’ve had a nasty cold for like a week and a half and I haven’t been able to do much.

BUT, I do have the rest of the chapter worked out now. I’m chomping at the bit to continue!!!

Guest Comic: SamuraiBoys10!

Guest Comic: SamuraiBoys10! published on

Hey all! I’m doing a quick two week rest period to deal with health issues. Sorry about that!! There will be some guest comics in the meantime.

Today’s comic is a crossover from Samuraiboys10 — good thing the pies taste good!!!


Content warning for vore-related things at that gallery!

Guest Comic: Starshine Beast!

Guest Comic: Starshine Beast! published on

Another piece by Sarah Messerly / Starshine Beast! This one was written by Zaukodar and commissioned, and it’s so pretty and I love it and aaaa!!!!!

You can see more of her amazing work at:
And you can follow her on twitter here: