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Tamberlane Returns April 24th!

Tamberlane Returns April 24th! published on 10 comments

Good news! Thank you all for your patience: Tamberlane resumes regular updates on April 24th! That should give me enough time to recover from my anniversary trip and get back down into the pixel mines.

If you haven’t caught up, now’s a good time to do so! And if you want to catch up now, there are 5 new pages already up on Patreon for $10 folks!

See you guys in two weeks!

Check Out the Newly Relaunched Tamberlane Patreon!

Check Out the Newly Relaunched Tamberlane Patreon! published on 4 comments

Hey guys! Thanks for hanging in there with me! I know it’s a drag to be a little dry of content right now, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. I’ve got the Patreon relaunched, a real online shop in the works, and more!


In the meantime, as always, I am looking for good fan art or fan comics that can keep y’all entertained while I heal up! If you are interested, please send your works to (cc:, with anything you want to say about it, your name, a link to where people can find more of your work, and letting me know if I have permission to publish it as fan content in a future Tamberlane book! Standard Tamberlane size is B5.


The Patreon has relaunched and it is snazzy! By backing Tamberlane on Patreon, you’ll receive exclusive perks like:

Early page updates
Access to the Dreamy Star Comics Discord to chat with the creator and receive exclusive patron news and updates
Postcards in the mail featuring both comic and original art
Access to bonus content like exclusive patron-only comics, sketches, process videos, tutorials, and more!
Downloadable art files
Lifetime rewards based on duration of your pledge
You even have the option to become a character in the comic!

Plus, did you know that backing a Patreon does SO MUCH MORE for the creator than just giving them money? It’s true! Here are just a few benefits that backing a Patreon offers a creator:

Shows other potential fans and readers that the work is worthwhile!
Provides encouragement and community to the creator!
Makes a rewarding space to share ideas and get feedback on content!
Adds a good source of pick-me-up when needed!

Those are just a few of many, but you get the gist. It’s so, so much more than just helping your favorite artist(s) out financially. It’s a HUGE psychological boon.

But even if you can’t pledge and take advantage of this frankly amazing offering of benefits, that’s okay! I love-love-love all of the support you guys have offered just in the form of reading and commenting and sharing it with your friends! Never underestimate the incredible value of just that. You’re all amazing.

I hope to have more news on the drawing front soon. In the meantime, stay frosty!


Ooh, are you still here? Then you should definitely check out this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING motion comic Darkspeeds did of the last scene in Tamberlane, complete with some truly spectacular voice acting:

Be sure to send him and the VAs lots of love!


Guest Comic- Scott Fraser!

Guest Comic- Scott Fraser! published on 3 comments


Tamberlane has a guest comic today, by the wonderful Scott Fraser!!! Thank you so much, Scott! 🙂

Please take a peek at Scott’s Kickstarter campaign! His goal is to have his webcomic, Star Warriors printed!

Check out Star WarriorsHere!
Peek at his Patreon!
Follow Scott on Twitter!

Welcome to the New Front Page!

Welcome to the New Front Page! published on 2 Comments on Welcome to the New Front Page!

Hey guys! Here’s a little change that’s been coming down the pipe for a little bit. I have been attracting more readers lately who don’t really read webcomics and aren’t exactly familiar with the format, and others who don’t want a big story-heavy spoiler when they navigate to the front page of a new comic.

So I’ve put together this new front page. Your RSS feeds should still function correctly, and if you read comics via bookmark, the Latest link should give you the exact same “homepage” we had before.

In addition, you’ll see a couple of new features on the front page that are upcoming Patreon rewards! Or, well, current Patreon rewards that will be fully implemented soon when I roll out the new Patreon restructuring. All $5+ patrons can submit reviews, and all patrons who have been subbing for 1 year or longer will get their name on the front page!

Hope you guys like the new layout. It’s at least kept me busy while I was laid up. 🙂 See you soon!

On a Break!

On a Break! published on 49 comments

So as you can see, I’m going to be out of commission for a while. Tamberlane is hereby put on a break, all Patreon rewards are suspended, and will be returning as I’m able. I will probably be doing some sketches and stuff since I can doodle while lying down, and I’ll post those up on Patreon. (I’ve got some concept sketches for chapter 4 that would be fun to post.) But otherwise… expect silence from me.

If you want to keep up with my condition, I’ll be posting on Twitter (@JustCaytlin). I’ll probably try to use the hashtag #PixStatus. If all goes well hopefully this will only be a month or so and then I can get back in the saddle. I’m dyin’ to finish this dang chapter, man!!!

Thanks for your patience, guys!

And thank you so much to Neon Noble for taking my sketches and script and putting this comic together for me!!! It’s really really great of him, and you should read his webcomic, Tales of Kalzeria!


Page 174

Page 174 published on 13 comments

And lo, I did take a long time but a beautiful page emerged!

Let’s try to do the character list from left to right, top to bottom, shall we? All bolded names are Patreon cameos! Thank you, guys!!

Character Guide

ROW 1 BENCHES: Viola, Aria (Steve Streza / Abigail Starling), Alahmnat (Alahmnat), Erik (CrosbowROoF), Captain Gillian (Hindae), Anthony, Jason (Marco262), Piper, Avery, Isaiah (NoteWorthy), Winnie (Makuru), Briar, Natasha (Matt)

MID 1 & 2: Jackson (Foxlover91), Hattie & Artie (Lightfox Lowell)

ROW 2 BENCHES: Oakewood, Tamberlane, Milo & Sophie (Darch), Aerdan (Aerdan), John (LongJohn), Shu (ShuTheSquirrel), Jentzen (JNSx7), Cammie & Skelly (StrayXIII), Chandra (Chandra), Rux (CouchCrusader)

ROW 3 BENCHES: Bjørn (BearFlipsTable), Jonas (Jonas), RandomGeekNamedBrent, Terra (NeonNoble), Marie, Drake (Ken R.), Lace (Leah Briere), Vera (Isaac32), Frack (Frack), Coriander (Izzy), Zen (ZenFelwinter)

MID 3 & 4: Honky Kat (Honky Kat),  Hope (Panda)

ROW 4 BENCHES: Reno (DireTaco), Trish (Whyaylooh), Gunner (GunnyWaffle), Finn (Madiso), Mimfry (StarshineBeast), Abigail (Terri Delgado), Cur (Chaon), Maribelle (F-Frost), Dana (UncoolDana), Chiros (Chiropica)

MIDGROUND: Greenie (Zaukodar), Slipstream (Grand Moff Joseph), Grey (Grey White), Stoker (StokerBat)

STAGE: Hunni (Ashley Nichols), Timmothy (TimmoWarner)

ALSO! There is a poster of this page in the shop!


Fanart Interlude: Jazz DaFunk

Fanart Interlude: Jazz DaFunk published on 6 comments

I commissioned Miss Jazz DaFunk for a Belfry and LOOK HOW CUTE IT TURNED OUT! You should absolutely check out her work!


As for why we have fanart this week instead of a page, there are two reasons!

One, I spent last week organizing and running a week long charity event for our local cat cafe! (We raised over $5000, after fees! I’m SO PROUD!) It was phenomenally fun and successful, but also stressful and exhausting, so I’m taking a little bit of a break this week to ease off the gas. I know we’re in the middle of a pivotal scene, so I’m super sorry about that – but health comes first!

Two, the next page I’m working on has 55 characters on it and so I’m making sure I don’t run out of buffer before I finish it! The charity event threw a bit of a wrench in my schedule, but it was time sensitive and kind of sudden. So we do what we must!

Anyway, if you want to see how this scene ends, $10+ patrons get my entire buffer as it comes out!Support Here! Otherwise, you’ll have to wait til next week for a new page. Sorry, you guys! But thanks for holdin’ tight — and enjoy this adorable art!


Page 171

Page 171 published on 14 comments



The Kitty Catfe is in trouble and needs our help! Located in Edmonds, WA, this local cat cafe-slash-shelter needs to find a new space before February. With moving comes sudden moving costs, and we want to help the process go smoothly! With your contributions, we can help the Catfe find a new home! Join us as we create art for kitties!

WE HAVE MET OUR FIRST GOAL OF $2500, BUT THE KITTY CATFE STILL NEEDS YOUR HELP! Kitties need food, toys, litter, medication, and other expenses to be covered! They are frequently operating on a shoestring budget and need all the help they can get! All proceeds made this week still go to them!

Please check out our Charity Streaming Schedule HERE!